Saturday, 18 April 2015

UPDATE: The coming week on Shoeniverse!

UPDATE: As I said earlier today, I am off for three days next week and then when I do return I am then back at work until next weekend. However, in an effort to keep things beautiful here on Shoeniverse, I've had a quick browse of the very best online designer heels for SS15 and have written a series of 'Holiday Shoe Porn' posts - one for every day of next week!

Normal posts will resume as of next week, until then I hope you enjoy the pretty posts!

I will be off for a few days...

The world's third-largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas, has arrived in the UK ahead of its maiden voyage this coming week. And I have been invited to spend 2 nights ahead of the official inaugural voyage, doing some food writing for my local paper as a press guest.

Read more about Anthem of the Seas

I will organise some posts queued for the week if I have time tomorrow, and I will also point you in the direction of my article once published too.

Friday, 17 April 2015

The perfect date night summer mules featuring GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Lucca metallic heeled sandals

Stand out with the metallic finish of the Lucca heeled sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti. Vibrant and eccentric, work this statement pair with skin-tight jeans for an alluring after-dark look.

They are just so shiny! As you know I have a long history of Zanotti posts with many a Sharon colour in a delicious metallic, but Lucca might just be the very best Zanotti heel yet. Well played Giuseppe, well played.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

It's been a while but WEDDING POST / Bridal heels featuring Christian Louboutin Almine Suede/Glitter 100 mm

I realise that yesterday I gave the latest Louboutin items something of a dressing down. Whilst I stand by every word in my open letter to Monsieur Louboutin, I would like to point out that any SS15 brides might just be on cloud nine after meeting Almine.

"Almine's" exquisite sling back shape is adorned with an eye-catching 100mm glitter heel and a delicate covering of laser-cut "Lace Leather" at the toe. In elegant colombe suede and silver glitter, this is the perfect party shoe for the Spring/Summer season.

It's not just the use of silver glitter or the simple cut line, but more just the overall classy looks of Almine that prove so captivating to behold. Yes, you can wear them as evening shoes afterwards. Yes, they are genuinely sparkling enough to make you feel like a princess on your big day. What's not to love?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

An open letter to Christian Louboutin concerning Dalida, Bella Tige and Dehia

Dearest Christian,

This is an open letter of sorts. You don't know me, but my name is Samantha and I am a shoe and fashion blogger here in the UK. I have, like millions of women worldwide, marvelled at your shoe masterpieces. I know we've had the odd hiccup every now and then, occasionally veering towards the unforgivable, but you always manage to turn it around and bring back the beautiful shoes that make us gasp and sigh.

With this in mind, you may have some idea of the level of disappointment upon looking at the new arrivals over at I feature your shoes because I truly believe them to be art. You have covered everything I could veer want in shoes as well as pushing the boundaries of what I would normally expect to see. However the SS15 collection is, in part, frankly just not good enough. There are some beautiful styles and it is not in any way 'all bad' however there are a few styles I feel the need to address.

The first is a style that worked as a concept piece, but for me does not work as an actual 3D wearable. The style in question is called Dalida.

Embrace the feminine curve this season with "Dalida." Its voluptuous 120mm silhouette features a scalloped half d'orsay vamp, asymmetrical toe box, and mirage heel. Perfect your party ensembles with this fluorescent orange matte calf leather stunner.

There are actually - believe it or not - some great points to these shoes. The d'orsay is sassy as ever, and they feature a sort pointed toe that would look amazing when worn and you look down. I'm rather afraid however that the issue is is all in the backend.

The heel is just weird for want of a better word. Why do we need an otherwise very pretty and elegant scalloped half d'orsay pump in a very pretty summer-bright colour, to have such an ugly heel. It even finishes off atd hits the ground at something of an awkward final angle? This upper with the heel from a So Kate or a Pigalle would be timeless. As they stand, however, these are more of a novelty heel. Why do you do this to us Christian?

But wait. It gets worse. Take a moment to contemplate the full horror of Bella Tige.

Liven up your summer days and nights with the outstanding "Bella Tige." Featuring a vibrant Loubie graphic platform and heel, this 160mm beauty in black leather is ready to party whenever you are.

Are these the ugliest Louboutins ever? I have always retained a mental scar over Cataclou, but these are worse. They are so tacky - why do we want a printed platform with shoes all over it? What is going on? Have these been designed purely for the Coachella crowd with more money than sense? The style in matt black is barely acceptable, but the graphic print makes these sandals borderline unforgivable.

The last of the styles I'd like you reflect upon if you would, Mr Louboutin, is Dehia.

Revel in summer fashion with "Dehia." This fabulous espadrille wedge is dressed in the original Loubie jungle pattern, hand drawn by our studio artists. Finished with a double ankle strap, this one-of-a-kind style will enliven your looks this season.

Of course! What your SS15 collection really needed was a jungle print and a massive ugly rattan covered flatform wedge. With an ankle strap. Who is this shoe aimed at? Do these look like the fans of Pensamoi or Tucsick will want to buy these shoes? This collection has me seriously confused.

In short Christian, please just go back to creating us elegant sculptures that we can wear rather than these abhorations. And while you are at it please let styles like Sursaut Jazz just fade away like a bad dream.

We love you, so please go back to making pretty things.

Samantha x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Shoeniverse Sale Picks the @ASOS Online Footwear Sale

There's a rather wonderful sale happening over at ASOS, and whether you are in the market for summer sandals or a great pair of leather chelsea boots, there is a little bit of everything online with some serious discounts.

So I thought it might be good to show you my own personal recommendations for a couple of pairs of pretty heels that will see you through many a dinner, date night, or even work for bridesmaid shoes. Just click the top banner if you want to view all the shoes on sale - there are literally hundreds of styles which are all reduced to clear. But these two caught my eye and so I thought they were worthy of a showcase.

Paper Dolls Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals
RRP £49.99 £28.00

A simple and classic two part suede look sandal, teaming soft sorbet pink alongside a nude vamp, these are just begging to be worn to a wedding - either as a bridesmaid or a guest.

For less than £30 in the ASOS sale, these were an easy choice for one of my top picks. Would also make a great alternative for holidays to packing away your precious designer heels.

Blink Cut Out Heeled Shoes
RRP £45.00 £30.00

Sexy and elegant but with a classic and tasteful edge, these black pumps from Blink encapsulate everything that I love about d'orsay heels.

Wear them with 7/8 length pants, a breton tee and an oversized boyfriend blazer for effortless style that you can wear almost anywhere. These are well worth your £30 spend, and are my top pick from the entire ASOS shoe sale.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Hot New Sandals Alert! Featuring Athena by Rebecca Balducci

As regular readers of Shoeniverse will be aware the past few years, I had something of a change of heart about black sandals. An epiphany, if you will. There's a whole story about that if you want to read it (and my neurotic thoughts regarding that) but safe to say that black sandals are now a part of my summer staple - and that I actually love them. Last year I had a wealth of amazing black sandals to choose from, and it very much looks like SS15 is going to be an even richer pot of spoils.

I found these in the new section over at Sarenza and they can be yours for £246.50. I realise that this will put them firmly out of the price budget for many readers, however I am hoping that this continues to be indicative of what we can expect to be hitting the high street this year. The sandals are very much indicative of what we have come to expect from the higher end of the high street market (such as my beloved AllSaints). Simple, classy, elegant and timeless. If you have to go for just a single style of summer shoe for SS15, I would highly recommend these (or a similar shoe in your price range).