Friday, 20 March 2015

Shoeniverse is now 1300 posts old - woohoo! (and thank you)

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you (yes, you!) for everything since the start of Shoeniverse, and as I came to write the first of the posts this week I realised that we were to end the blog on something of a landmark. 1300 posts as of today and counting. In that time I've shared with you my likes, my dislikes, my style queries and questions, and even a few 'WTF' moments...

.... Cataclou, anyone?

Anyway the point is that I'm extremely happy, lucky and grateful to everyone for being so supportive in the time since Shoeniverse started and I wanted to just write a note of appreciation. I never cease to be amazed when looking at how many countries read my little fashion witterings every day, and without you I'd just be a lady with some puppies, talking to herself via a computer. That's not much fun, and it's great to have you join me for the ride.

If you could take five minutes for a super quick survey into what you'd like to see on Shoeniverse moving forwards I'd love to hear from you!


And if you don't have the time then no worries - still love you anyway! Onwards and upwards to the next milestone - have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Checking all the pretty new things @FrenchConnection

Here at Shoeniverse we love new things. So I wanted to spend all week looking at some of my favourite retailers and websites to find the top picks and must have items for SS15. One of the most celebrity friendly high street brands is French Connection, whose dresses are often worn both as street wear and for events in the celeb and fash pack worlds.

Below are my own personal faves, but if you'd like to see everything that's new in, click the top banner above and you'll be able to browse the lot on their website. I'd love to see what you guys are coveting from the new season styles and if you agree with my picks.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New in @ASOS - Senso Rhiannon White Leather Croc Heeled Sandals and Karen Millen Mesh & Suede Court Shoes

I love fresh and pretty new shoes for Spring. So with SS15 well under way it's time to do a spot of shopping and check out the latest new styles this week in order to get some much needed retail therapy underway.

I love both of these styles which are new over at ASOS.

The white sandals with the block heel and ghillie lace front are so retro and Italian looking. They would look so chic paired with slim black crop pants and a free flowing vest. Easy yet irrisistably fashion forward dressing. I love how they have black leather laces too. The contrast is delightful.

The pumps feature a part mesh upper and an accentuated pointed toe. I love these paired with boyfriend jeans and a fitted shirt, worn open over a vest. The art of casual dressing - not trying too hard yet still looking every inch a fashionista and a lady.

Take a look below for both styles when worn and price details.

Senso Rhiannon White Leather Croc Heeled Sandals

Directional Sydney-based footwear label Senso brings forth a collection of beautifully crafted and distinctively chic shoes. Look to this cutting-edge Australian label for one-of-a-kind designs, from statement-making flatforms to towering wedges, as the label seeks to update classic styles with eye-catching shapes, treatments and silhouettes. As wearable as they are beautiful, Senso shoes are made from the finest materials, for the ultimate in stylish comfort.

Karen Millen Mesh & Suede Court Shoes

Renowned for creating timeless eveningwear with a fashion-forward edge; Karen Millen are the go-to brand for sculpted dresses and statement bags. Combining flattering feminine shapes with luxurious fabrics; their signature style transfers seamlessly to a range of shoes, bags and intricately detailed jewellery.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New in @Sarenza - MYSUELLY Lola2 in Lezard Vert or Noir

I was browsing the 'new in' section over at Sarenza when I saw these gorgeous little shoe boots. I immediately loved the green lizard skin finish, but then I saw they also come in black lace... That's a tough call. I Naturally love them both. The green epitomises the freshness of spring, but the black lace is actually a lot more in keeping with my style. I also love the fact that they brought the style out in just two hugely different colours and finishes. I could easily own and love both pairs.

I'm not sure about matching bags for these yet, but I will post a follow up if I come across them. I would think that the black lace on a large envelope clutch would be a statement piece all in its own right. If this doesn't exist already then the French designers at MySuelly need to get onto that.

Which ones are your favourite? I think the green would look fresh and contemporary with a pale lemon tea dress, while the black lace basically would look fantastic with my entire wardrobe.

Monday, 16 March 2015


As you will probably already know (as Shoeniverse is now almost 1300 posts old!) I have a long standing love affair with a few designers. British designers in particular. My college thesis was written about John Richmond. The other two major British design loves of mine are the late (Lee) Alexander McQueen and the incomparably fierce Vivienne Westwood.

Westwood never fails to delight and surprise me. I feel it's extremely important with fashion that you are unashamed of who you are and why you wear what you choose. It's like wearing a little part of your heart for everyone to see. I love her designs, and the shoes in particular are always quirky and delightful.

The Maggie II heels in printed 'asterisks' are new in at AllSole so I wanted to showcase them in a single post of their own. I adore these shoes. They are *almost* enough to make me want to buy a grey skirt suit for meetings, just so I can tear things up with these heels and a fuchsia silk blouse.

They also remind me of two other things... The Red Hot Chili Peppers logo (although that has eight spokes I guess), and the American ambulance logo.

Anyway, I digress. As you can see these heels do not have a 'bad' side. They feature VW signature printed canvas upper and four and a half inch stiletto heel. Cut with an almond toe, the heels are adorned with the brand's contrast asterisk print and embellished with an Orb engraved rivet. If you can afford the £263 price tag then I would strongly suggest buying these gorgeous shoes.