Sunday, 15 November 2015

I have returned! "The Comeback" post featuring sale workwear flats from @ASOS

So, it's been a while since there was a new post, huh? I just got my PC back last weekend and have just about had time to write. Apologies for the extended impromptu hiatus.

Firstly, I changed jobs, and secondly I had the entire ground floor of my home remodelled - inside and out. The entire project has taken several months and has been a long process. In the end of course it's been worth it, but it's been an incredible upheaval and as such I've not had a regular kind of a home space to be able to work and create in. It's been tough, but we got there in the end.

So, with the new job in mind (I'm now working on business projects for GAME head office here in the UK - yes, I work with videogames at last) I thought I'd share with you a couple of comfy all-day picks for the office. These can both work with funky jumper dresses or jeans, and are a snip as they are both in the sale too - woohoo!

On the left are the more casual (and more my own personal style) trainer style flats:

Was £18.00 - Now just £14.00

They kind of remind me of water shoes, which if you have ever practiced any watersports or gone someplace like Jamaica in the caribbean, you will know are snug fitting shoes with amazing grip which are just the most comfortable things on the face of the planet. They make UGG boots seem like 5 inch heels in comparison. The lack of any kind of a fastening for these means they are just going to be like wearing slippers. Perfect if you spend a lot of time on your feet, have to walk to work, or stand around waiting for public transport to show up as part of your commute.

In case your workplace is a little smarter however, you might want to consider the cute pointed flats to the right:

ASOS MAKE MY DAY Pointed Flat Shoes
Was £18.00 - Now just £14.00

Simple and understated with a flat silver tone bar to the vamp, it's hard to think of any clothing option that wouldn't work with these sweet pumps. They might just be your new go-to flat shoes, and would look especially cute worn with thick 100 denier tights and short flippy mini kilts. Yes, that might be a little bit inspired by Sam in Until Dawn. One of my favourite games of the year, I may have gone a little bit mad buying short kilts for the winter after playing it through... twice. Haha. Not even sorry. It's a fantastic game.

Posts will return to a more normal state of play soon now that I'm able to access everything again. Until then, happy Sunday shopping.

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