Friday, 5 June 2015

Shoeniverse presents a BONUS FRIDAY POST from my Personal Wishlist - featuring Rosalie Pose in White Combi from (gasp!) Clarks

I found the Clarks Rosalie Pose sandals quite by accident when browsing the 20% off offers this morning online. You will know by now my penchant for wedges and the eternal struggle to find the ultimate replacement to those "chewed by Daisy" butter soft Hush Puppy sandals...

(no I'm still not over it)

Anyway, I digress. Let's meet the latest potential new candidate, shall we?

The latest hopefuls have a bunch of plus points. The wedge is high enough to be elegant but the platform stops them from becoming unwearable for a full day. They probably even out at a 3inch heel (or so) once you take the platform into account. The wedge heel gives added stability compared to a block or thin heeled sandal, as do the gorgeously thick and very "modern minimalist" style buckle straps.

Then just to make sure that I fell in love with them, on the white version, they went and gave them SILVER straps. Of course. Of COURSE you did, Clarks. Seriously. I die! They are gorgeous.

Who doesn't want to be the gorgeous flower seller with her stunning cashmere looking jumper dress, beautiful face and seriously cool shoes that are secretly comfy and from Clarks. Fantastic marketing. You've totally got me sold. I am going to have to buy them now...

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