Monday, 22 June 2015

Shoeniverse Is Speechless at the Christian Louboutin Limited Edition Scarabée Collection #swoon

I'm fairly certain that the thought of me with nothing to say is something that rarely happens in real life. Times like sleep. Or laryngitis. Failing that I'm not really a girl who is lost for words, and as such when something arrives that leaves me utterly and breathlessly SPEECHLESS, you can be assured that I've stumbled upon something special.

I opened an innocent looking Loubie email the other day and was presented with the image above. I might have moaned a little out loud (Lord only knows what my very much all male co-workers thought) and then I closed the email. Concentration is kind of needed in my day job and the last thing that I could actually so was explore this at work.

Plus I wanted to enjoy it in the privacy of my own home.  (Oh God, it sounds too much like porn...)

Shall we take a look? There are three styles online right now (I think the ones in the top image may have sold out or not be online yet).

Styles shown are:
Follies Spikes Patent Scarabe 100 mm
Degraspike Flat Patent Scarabe
Roller-Boat Flat Patent Scarabe

The heels should be my favourites, of course but surprisingly I find myself fawning heavily over the more wearable Roller-Boat deck shoes. I covet them in a very real 'truly, madly, deeply' kind of a way. I want to run away with them and see the world :)

The heels and flats are of course deliciously beautiful in their own right too. But if you want to add any of these to your collection then be quick - they are going to sell out. Guaranteed.

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