Monday, 8 June 2015

Shoeniverse - How to find the perfect 'boyfriend' jeans (clue: this post might not have the answer)

So, I spent a fair amount of my Saturday trying to find the perfect boyfriend jeans, and I have to admit - I failed dismally. Due to various reasons around my slightly worn out knees, finding skinny jeans to fit can be somewhat problematic. Or at the very best a little uncomfortable. However, I had a dream, one that was sure to work. This involved hip length dip hem chiffon blouses, a variety of summer footwear ranging from wedges and heels to flats and sandals, and the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. You know what I'm after here. Low slung on the hip held up with a belt. I have the perfect Steve Madden belt for this. My new super-duper jeans would fit flatteringly over my hips, then have an easy ripped leg, ending in a tapered cuff turn up. Not too shabby, and probably something that a lot of you may well be wearing as you read this. However as you read this my dream is currently in tatters.

Surely finding the jeans of my dreams shouldn't be that hard? The ladies in the picture above have all pretty much nailed this look.

It started on Friday. I had a day off from work and decided to run into Superdry and grab these little beauties.

Superdry women's Boyfriend jeans. 
These relaxed fit jeans with a distressed finish feature the classic five pocket design, contrast patterned front pocket lining, a zip and button fastening and an embroidered logo on the coin pocket. The Boyfriend jeans are finished with an embossed logo badge on the waistline and a logo patch on the back pocket.

You have to bear in mind that these are the loosest fit jeans that Superdry currently have in their girls section. They're gorgeous, soft, a great colour and a cool finish. Unfortunately they are also super skin tight over my knees and the very top of my calf despite me buying a size up from what I normally need as I wanted them to be baggy on the hips and slung in with said Steve Madden belt. I was a little disappointed but figured I'd take them back the next day and find a similar pair elsewhere. The good thing about Southampton is there are literally loads of places to shop, with every high street brand you can think of having huge stores.

Saturday started in GAP. I'd done a little research online for suitable replacements and these looked to be definite contenders.

GAP 1969 destroyed authentic boyfriend jeans

Unfortunately I'm unsure if these will fit me or not as they don't actually stock this style in store. This is despite the fact that we have a three storey GAP store, and they have every other style. There were a couple of pairs in the sale but they were too small and I couldn't risk ordering them online in case I had to return them yet again.

So I started to cover town... Debenhams, New Look, John Lewis, Zara, Topshop - you name it and I tried it. I must have tried on more jeans in the past weekend than I have in the past five years, and yet nowhere could I find a pair of jeans in a UK size 10 that would fit me like the ones at the top of this post.

New Look were the worst offenders of the lot, where I must have seen thirty different skinny / jegging options and nothing else (unless you count flares). I don't.

What is going on?

So as of now I'm slightly crestfallen and would welcome any input as to where (if anywhere) to look next. I shall update as and when there is any further progress.

Sincerely, a very sad panda.

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