Friday, 19 June 2015

It's a day off because it was supposed to be Foo Fighters Friday #FFF #FooFightersFriday

So today was (or as I write this on Tuesday morning*, currently IS) a planned day off for me at Shoeniverse. The plan, as of many months ago was to spend today swanning it up in The City, before Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium. Pretty cool day ahead, huh?

However as I write this post this has just happened and I am as of yet unsure if the gig will go ahead. So this might not happen in which case an alternative day off will be planned. But hopefully I will be on my way to partying it up in London with Dave Grohl as you read this.

*Updated message from Dave here - I'm still going to have a great day off but I'm GUTTED that the guys are not a part of it

Have a great weekend, and normal posts resume on Monday...

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