Friday, 22 May 2015

Getting Festival Ready? Then grab the PERFECT sandals - Sail Festival Metallic Womens Smart Sandals by Clarks

It's no surprise that I like these. The shock about these is that they are made by Clarks. They are absolutely your go-to silver strappy sandals that are comfy enough to wear all day. They look equally fantastic when paired with jeans, fluted floral dresses or short shorts, and they might just be the best value you will get in return for £40 all year. My only small personal gripe is that they are not genuine leather, as I love the style and would have been happy to pay £60 and have them in real leather uppers instead.

They are super flat and feminine, wear with a maxi dress on holidays for easy to wear evening glamour. If you can wear non-leather shoes, then I'd highly recommend them.

These women's T-bar sandals combine a high shine silver meallic non-leather upper with an unbelievably lightweight Cushionsoft sole resulting in a sandal that mixes style and comfort. An adjustable strap keeps feet secure while a classic silhouette and studded detailing means that these sandals can be styled up or down this season depending on the occasion.

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