Friday, 20 March 2015

Shoeniverse is now 1300 posts old - woohoo! (and thank you)

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you (yes, you!) for everything since the start of Shoeniverse, and as I came to write the first of the posts this week I realised that we were to end the blog on something of a landmark. 1300 posts as of today and counting. In that time I've shared with you my likes, my dislikes, my style queries and questions, and even a few 'WTF' moments...

.... Cataclou, anyone?

Anyway the point is that I'm extremely happy, lucky and grateful to everyone for being so supportive in the time since Shoeniverse started and I wanted to just write a note of appreciation. I never cease to be amazed when looking at how many countries read my little fashion witterings every day, and without you I'd just be a lady with some puppies, talking to herself via a computer. That's not much fun, and it's great to have you join me for the ride.

If you could take five minutes for a super quick survey into what you'd like to see on Shoeniverse moving forwards I'd love to hear from you!


And if you don't have the time then no worries - still love you anyway! Onwards and upwards to the next milestone - have a great weekend everyone!

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