Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New in @Sarenza - MYSUELLY Lola2 in Lezard Vert or Noir

I was browsing the 'new in' section over at Sarenza when I saw these gorgeous little shoe boots. I immediately loved the green lizard skin finish, but then I saw they also come in black lace... That's a tough call. I Naturally love them both. The green epitomises the freshness of spring, but the black lace is actually a lot more in keeping with my style. I also love the fact that they brought the style out in just two hugely different colours and finishes. I could easily own and love both pairs.

I'm not sure about matching bags for these yet, but I will post a follow up if I come across them. I would think that the black lace on a large envelope clutch would be a statement piece all in its own right. If this doesn't exist already then the French designers at MySuelly need to get onto that.

Which ones are your favourite? I think the green would look fresh and contemporary with a pale lemon tea dress, while the black lace basically would look fantastic with my entire wardrobe.

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