Monday, 12 January 2015

Meet My New Boots - Carvela 'SLAM' Biker Boots

These gorgeously wearable heeled biker boots called 'Slam' from Kurt Geiger Carvela were my major sale purchase in the January sales. I've been wearing them for around a week to work and they fit true to size, the sole is exceptionally anti-slipping, and the rounded toes are mesmerisingly shiny. They are soft and comfortable, and with subtle solver tone hardware and funky wrap around straps, they really are a beautiful everyday boot.

The only slight pain is that the zip is under the straps - both buckles need to be done up to wear the boots, and both need to be undone to comfortably take them off. That being said they are worth the hassle, and I'd highly recommend them for quality of construction, softness of leather, and they are STUNNING to look at.

I've been pairing them with my sale leggings for an easy workwear style, teamed with longline vests and tattoos well on show. I'm lucky in that my numerous, highly visible inkings are not an issue for my place of work, and the heating is so fierce that it's like Summertime all year around! Then these get me home safe and dry even in the dullest and wettest of Winter days (and we had a few of those last week)...

Fancy giving them a try? Then take a closer look right here.

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