Monday, 15 December 2014

3 for 2 Mix & Match gifts at Boots? Christmas made super easy!

I know, it's getting close and the whole IDEA of Christmas Shopping might be already leading you to distraction. So make a latté, cuddle up with the puppy or cat (as applicable) and shop from the links below. Christmas in Easy Mode!

SHOP ALL 3 for 2 GIFTS - Sorted by Price Low to High

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Gift Idea (based on things I own) - KINDLE PaperWhite E-reader

I know, it's a fashion blog. right? But while we all love pretty things that we can wear (especially silk, leather and shoes!) it's also lovely to get gifts with a little bit of diversity. Especially for those of us that love a great book.

The Chap recently bought me the Kindle PaperWhite for an anniversary present, which was something I'd pondered over for a while. I've never been a huge iPad fan, and I used to use a Blackberry 'Playbook' tablet for reading. However it was never great for bright conditions etc, and so it became more of a hassle and I got out of the habit of using it. The bright white of the PaperWhite screen is perfect, plus it is just SO light to handle. I'm already slightly addicted and purchased a cute hot pink leather fold over case just to 'keep it safe'. If you like to read then this is ideal!

You can grab them over at now (and get reward points back to spend on makeup and hair stuff (just saying!). Here are the links depending upon whether you prefer the wifi only version or want to grab it with 3G also.