Friday, 3 October 2014

Samantha's 'OH GOD I SHOULD LOVE THESE, BUT... NOT SURE' McQueen Biker Boots Edit

OK so anyone who's spent even a week or two following Shoeniverse has probably figured it out. The cat's well and truly out of the bag, right? 'Samantha has a bit of a thing for Alexander McQueen'. This is of course very true. I am a huge advocate of the brand in general, from shoes to tailoring, and scarves to jewellery. However, occasionally something a little odd happens and I can't quite place why, but I see an item and think it all looks a little... off. Such is the case with these boots.

On the surface they should be something that I adore and dearly covet. Black high heeled biker boots? CHECK. Silver hardware? CHECK. Touch of fur? CHECK. Cleated sole? CHECK.

I don't know why but something about the look of these boots is just not right. The back view provides a little solace and few answers. The sole is perhaps a tad too thick, but that's not enough on its own to throw off the whole shoe. The back is sleek, showcasing the gorgeous towering heel and silver tone eyelets.

But the disconnect happens somewhere between here and the front. I think it might be the fur? It's maybe just ruining the line of the vamp? Or maybe the cleated platform is too wide? I'm just not sure. But somehow these just do not cut it for me.

**Looks again at the front view and makes a sad face**

Am I being too harsh? Are these actually fabulous but I am just missing the point?

Thursday, 2 October 2014

HOW TO WEAR featuring Saint Laurent Mesh-detail Skater Dress Black

This dress is super cute, I know.... there's always something so very glorious about a YSL LBD. This one will suit and flatter almost any shape as well, and could easily be paired with leather pants and a denim jacket for daytime too. Throw over a red crossbody bag and some taupe suede slouch boots and you are away.

Want to see exactly what to pair with it? Then take a look below:

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Oh McQueen... featuring the Alexander McQueen Black Studded Metal Heel Ankle Boot

Just when I figure that here on Shoeniverse we've managed to feature just about every possible iteration of studded footwear, one of my favourite ever lines has to go ahead and prove me wrong. This studded metal block heel chelsea boot from McQueen is the perfect fusion of edgy chic and classic style. Ladylike booties that I can raise some hell in? Where do I sign up?

The boots themselves are irresistibly sleek and well designed. The studs just add that added edge to the overall look and make you stop and stare. The feature is almost, but only almost, at odds with the overall classic look of the upper and heel height. But the beautiful soft leather and slim ankle line contrasts beautifully with the deliberately 'look at me' heel feature. Even if the spikes themselves are practically hiding. I do love how from the front or back you can't even see them at all.

Sheer perfection. Do you love?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

THE HIGH STREET HEROES - Topshop Womens Headline Act Over The Knee Boots by Cjg / The CJG collection AW14

Chloe Jade Green is on a bit of a roll with her latest styles for TopShop for AW14, but these gorgeous knee high boots are the pick of the bunch. Just check out the gorgeous turquoise sole!

They look incredible when worn too...

But there is more to see too...

Monday, 29 September 2014

FIVE GLORIOUS McQUEEN PIECES - The 'Self-Indulgent' Monday Edit

Black Eyelet Biker Bootie

This post is a very simple lookbook of the gorgeous new season McQueen pieces that are topping my personal wishlist. The eyelet boots are, well, simply amazing - right? But there's more to admire, especially the powder pink large wallet bag below. I'd love to own everything here though.

Pink Heroine Short Wallet

This bag is so delicate and girly. It's almost the antithesis of everything I normally look for in a McQueen item, yet it's deliciously irresistible. I want to own it. Now. And then pair it with my shiniest leathers and grungy messy hair.

Mini Heroine Black Spiked Cross-body Bag

Talking of leathers, the spikes make this an ideal daytime handbag for me. Plus it's sexy as hell worn with two of my most favourite things - a leather biker jacket and ripped charcoal denim. There's  only love for this bag and the item in general.

Flocked Skull Canvas Zipped Pouch

Big enough to store a tablet and carry your notes, this makes a stylish and colourful alternative to a boring attache case for business. This stylish little pouch is far and away better than any briefcase in the world, ever.

Mini Stud Heroine Travel Wallet

Travel in style with this beautiful large form wallet. It screams McQueen. Much love.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn/Winter 14 Blogger Style Challenge* #DebsAWStyle - Debenhams Style Me with Modern Military (yes please!)

I came up with the idea of the Modern Military look for myself - based on being a HUGE My Chemical Romance fan, and this makes me think of my favourite album. Military is never out of style, and the gorgeous faux leather skinnies and leather look nail colour brings the style bang up to date for AW14.
Shop modern military right here

Then for Jessica who writes over at the very gorgeous FireFlowers, I've come up with the weekend version of Autumn Luxe. This is a glamorous yet comfortable way to look stylish when Christmas shopping and meeting friends for coffee. Also really cute for a daytime date!
Shop autumn luxe right here

*Please note that this post is a competition entry - clicking the image for the style will take you through to the competition page on The Daily Debrief. The clothes I promoted in this post are of my own choice and personal style, and I genuinely wanted to feature them because I like them.