Friday, 16 May 2014

TOPSHOP Silver Ria Two Part Sandals

In the spirit of Summertime, I had to show you these. Full on mirror finish liquid metal goodness in hi-shine silver? Yes please. It's hard to believe that these are under £50. They are not leather, but it's not like you'd be doing too much walking in a towering five inch heel anyway.

They are the perfect evening shoe or summer sandal for date night. They work equally well with black or a bright colour, and even look pretty fabulous dressed down with jeans and a soft cotton tank.

These are most definitely on my Summertime to-do. What do you think? The only slight tweak I'd have wanted was a slightly smaller teardrop shaped peep toe, but for a high street heel of this price bracket I think they are amazing.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Talking of ASOS... meet MIISTA Silver Lily Black Lavender Heeled Sandals

As I mentioned earlier in the week, ASOS have a habit of getting it really right over the Summer months when it comes to shoes. Heels in particular. 2014 is no exception, and these little beauties have just hit the sale. Featuring a wearable block heel and lots of reflective goodness, I must admit I'm very tempted to but them myself.

I love the clear insert in the back of the heel.

They are down from £200 to £160 in the sale. Go get them!

Monday, 12 May 2014

It's Monday (boooo!) so here's a trio of delights from @ASOS (yay!)

Yes it's Monday and it's two whole weeks until the next long weekend in the UK. I know. So here to cheer you up are three pairs of killer heels just in time for summertime evenings out.

The first is called 'Heighten' and it's easy to see why...

These are majorly cute on and I am loving the huge gilt buckles. Plus they are currently on sale at just £28 - and are a total bargain for less than £30. Grab them while you can.

But what if you fancy a splash of colour?

Then there's 'Heiress' which is yet to hit the sale but will probably sell out as it is due to the gorgeous tomato red suede. These are gorgeous.

There is always something so pleasing about one colour shoes that use mixed materials. The glossy heel and platform work so well against the suede upper. Check out the close up:

Then it's back to black for one last pair for today.

These are called 'Hampstead' and are my favourite of the trio. I do wish that they also came in the red suede (because that would be something really special) but in black they are an utter classic.

Simple and understated yet definitely sexy, these are a real investment piece style of shoe without an inflated price tag. They can be yours for just £42.

Once again it's truly going to be a summer to watch out for ASOS heels.