Friday, 7 February 2014

FOOTWEAR FIRST FRIDAY - My Wishlist of the Most Covetable Styles Right Now

Welcome to 'Footwear First Friday' - the very first of a brand new 2014 feature here on Shoeniverse. Many of our post features different styles etc and all sorts of looks, but this one will be ALL about the shoes.

I've chosen the first five styles in a truthfully unabashed selfish manner. I love them. I wanted to show them to you. They are awfully pretty after all, and isn't that really why we are all here?

The feature shoes in the middle are a crochet and velour pump from Alexander McQueen. So rich and opulent, they really are an immaculate example of high-end design. I adore these shoes. They belong in a museum. Or my shoe closet. Possibly both.

Buttom right are from Vince and are called Addison, in the wood/smoke colourway. I particularly love peep-toe booties, despite their rather obvious impracticalities, and the neutral tones here make them versatile enough to justify spending out on them. Were it not for the McQueen pumps then these would be my favourite. As it is, these would be the top of my actual shopping list out of the five as I just know I'd want to wear them everywhere.

Buttom left are a beige zip biker boot from one of my perennial favourites, Giuseppe Zanotti. So simple, so butter soft and luxuriant, and yet you could easily miss them when paired down with leather leggings and a slouchy tee. But I'd have to have two pairs of these, just so I had a spare pair for when the first was worn out. Simple, elegant and utterly wearable.

Top right comes from Sam Edelman are are a pair of laser cut shoe boots called Ellie. These could easily become my go-to evening shoes. Classy and sexy with a super high heel in raven dark black? Yes please.

The last boots in the top left comes from ACNE and are called Cypress. There's something extremely appealing about the gorgeously shiny, oily finish patent uppers that I find it hard to tear my eyes away from. A stunning twist on 'just another paid of ACNE boots' - and I hope to see more of this finish in the future.

What's your favourite of the styles above?

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Thursday, 6 February 2014


This post is a cautionary how-to tale for the chaps out there because the last thing you want to do with a Valentines Gift is 'get it wrong'. Getting it wrong of course is a subjective term and this is only a brief guide, but if you have your heart set on lingerie then here are my simple rules that I urge you to obey (or forever risk a spurned girlfriend / wife who labels you as insensitive / thoughtless / etc) and brings 'that year you bought me a crotchless yellow thong for Valentines day' in future argument narratives. You get my point. So where do you start? The three golden rules are....

Check her actual underwear / lingerie that she wears CURRENTLY for sizing. This is very important, especially if she has recently had a weight fluctuation, which yes is a bit of a sensitive subject. But you will get brownie points for getting it right and the information is at your fingertips (a-herm) so make sure you make a mental note and DO NOT GET IT WRONG.

Think about the kind of girl that she is and what she would normally buy herself. Unless you know that she loves leopardskin silk with a purple lace trim then be sensible and err on the side of caution. Black lace is sexy as hell and will not offend anyone. I've picked out two Agent Provocateur sets that fit this bill. The one on the left is Belisa, and the other is Rosalyn which features cute little polka dots. Think about how your girl likes to dress. For high fashion or goth inspired rock chicks then go with the simple option. If your girl loves lots of jewellery and retro vintage styling then you can probably risk the polka dots. But don't deviate too much if you are not sure. And women do not want red satin tacky undergarments unless we buy them ourselves. Like for a joke, or Rocky Horror. Just don't go there.

If it needs stockings then buy them too. If it doesn't have suspenders then buy hold ups. Box them up in tissue paper and add petals and a bottle of her favourite scent.



Wednesday, 5 February 2014

THE VALENTINE GIFTING GUIDE - A Handy How-To for the Chaps

I thought it might be appropriate, as I normally offer for Christmas ideas, to create a Valentine gift guide for the guys out there. I know it can be a minefield trying to find the perfect gift for your lady. You don't want to be too cheesy or obvious, but at the same time you also need to steer well clear of anything too tacky that might get you laughed at.

So, here goes...

If your girl loves her dresses, then do your homework and buy a knockout dress that shows off her figure. The homework part? Look at her wardrobe. Take note of what size she wears in what labels, and purchase accordingly. I love this red Tobi dress, the sweetheart neckline is perfect for a Valentines gift.

If your girl loves her sparkles, then a bracelet or necklace with a meaningful, classic motif is another great choice. Hearts and lockets always look fantastic, as do simple earring choices like studs or leverback drops like the ones pictured. If you are not entirely convinced about what jewellery she'd like, then how about a sparkling statement evening bag. Just be sure to gift this ahead of time so she can bring it out to dinner with you.

Finally the gift of love for me will always be shoes and beautiful stockings. These Charlotte Olympia heels are divine, as are the signature blue hold-ups. Classy gifting 101.

Girls, feel free to leave this hanging around on an open iPad to make sure the hints get dropped....

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

VALENTINE PREP POST - Look Adorable and Romantic this February 14th

It's just ten days to Valentine's Day, and even the most hard nosed anti-commercialist should be planning a night out on or around the day. It's an excuse to dress up and spend a little bit of unadulterated time with the one you love. You did get the 'excuse to dress up' part though, right?

Good, then let's take a look at how to get the 'wow' effect.

Fit and flare lace-embellished dresses with a high neck are currently top of my must-have wishlist. Choose black or white, or any tone in-between, and pair them with sky-high nude pointed pumps and a cute necklace and shiny purse for effortless sophistication and sex appeal.

In the mood board above I've featured a Valentino necklace which looks great with either dress. The white is from Keepsake and the black is from Nanette Lepore. The bag and earrings are from Betsey Johnson, while the super-high heels are from Giuseppe Zanotti. You could recreate the look easily on a shoestring, or make it more edgy by wearing boots in place of the heels.

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Monday, 3 February 2014

THE 2014 SUPER BRIGHT EDIT - The Future's Bright, and You May Well Need Shades

Coming up in 2014 are a host of super bright neon tones that might just make your eyes water. While you'll need to be brave to wear them, with a natural sunkissed tan they will look incredible, and when you force a deliberate colour clash the overall look can look less contrived.

This is NOT the time to go for a single tone outfit top-to-toe.

I love the pink dress, so simple and easy to wear. But would you dare to wear such bold colours - especially together?

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