Thursday, 30 October 2014

Product Review - MUA nail polish in Strawberry Crush & Makeup Revolution highlighter in Peach Lights

Products tested - Revolution Highlighter in Peach Lights and MUA Nail colour in Strawberry Crush via Product Testing UK

I don't usually do beauty posts or product reviews, but I do love to always have my face and nails done whenever I leave the house. It's part of the whole 'armour for the outside world' thing I think! Having my makeup done and nails looking pretty gives me confidence with the two first things that someone sees when they meet you for the first time in business - your face and your hands. I love luxury products primarily but a lot of high street cosmetics are great for finishing touches, and both of these products will cost you just £4 total to buy. So for that I figured they were worth a try.

The products were sent out within a couple of days of agreeing to give them a whirl via Facebook, and first impressions were good. Both have very simple packaging, as you would expect at this sort of a price point, and the transparency used for both products gave me a clear indication of what I could expect in terms of colour. This is really key when choosing cosmetics, so it was easy to see straight away that the colours were suitable for my skin tone.

The highlighter surprised me, proving to be excellent value for money. The subtle sheen when used to highlight both brow and cheekbones gave a dewy finished end result that I really like. As shown, just to explain, I do love to use facial scuplting and shading on a daily basis anyway, so this was used in conjunction with a toning palette to create cheekbone definition and to slim down my nose. I'd definitely buy the highlighter again and will look forward to trying the other colours in the range. I'd give it a solid 4/5 for what it does for just £3.

The nail colour is bright and pink and irrisistably sassy. I like the easy to use brush handle which felt easy to keep hold of (not always easy when you have tacky nails) and the brush made the colour extremely easy to apply. I didn't make any mistakes or feel like it was dragging at all. The colour went on evenly in just two coats and my nails were done in minutes. At just £1 this means if you like to change up your look often the MUA nail colours represent fantastic value for money. I am usually a huge OPI devotee, but for a fun and affordable way to inject colour into your manicures then consider giving them a try. I was surprised at how great this was and I have to rate them at 5/5. I till definitely buy them again.

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