Friday, 26 September 2014

HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!! Let's all do some early prep...

There's something undeniably cheerful about Halloween. I think it's the over-use of the colour orange and the fact that it's basically a huge excuse to eat a LOT of candy. But these tights? I think they are pretty damned fabulous at any time of the year. So it got me thinking ahead of time about Halloween and I wanted to share a few bits and pieces to erm 'get you in the mood'...

There has to be a fashion-forward way of approaching Halloween, right? So take a look at my fashionably 'cute but gruesome' Halloween picks. Click any image for more info.

Black Halloween Cat Ears Headband

Red Halloween Lips Clutch Bag

White Halloween Socks with Pug Print

Orange Hello Kitty Halloween Tee

Black Halloween Bat Beanie

Black Halloween Fish Net Tights with Cob Web Detail

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