Monday, 11 August 2014

Shop My Style - ASOS WHITE WALK THE LINE Shoe Boots // The ASOS WHITE range

I could probably bore you all for days (yes, literally) about just how much I am in love with the ASOS WHITE range. It's clean and clever, mixing luxe fabrics and easy to wear cuts with soft acidic citrus shades and my all time favourite - grey. I could happily buy every single piece in the range and live in it day to day. I'm a little hooked! However, and somewhat curiously for a shoe blogger, I had somehow fallen in love with the clothing and overlooked the shoes.

The little Walk The Line shoe boots in tan finally gave me the need to redress that. They do come in black also if that's more your thing, however the gorgeous retro stack heel of the tan just won me over. They remind me of a pair of fur lined tan leather boots that my Mum had as a very young girl, back when I was still in the formative stages of learning to balance in someone else's heels!

These are just gorgeous, and come in at a very reasonable £85 price point too. You could probably get something similar at a lower price if you are on a really tight budget, however I'd suggest that the wearability would suffer - the key to heels this high is always going to be a good quality leather upper.

Directional, exciting and diverse, the ASOS WHITE Collection makes and breaks the fashion rules. Scouring the globe for inspiration, their London based Design Team is inspired by fashion’s most covetable trends; providing you with a cutting edge wardrobe season upon season.

The collection is so easy to use as your true go-to capsule wardrobe for an effortless chic working wardrobe. I especially love these pieces:


ASOS WHITE Silk Pull on Tapered Trouser

ASOS WHITE Silk Mix V-Neck T-Shirt

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