Wednesday, 18 June 2014

PLASTIC FANTASTIC? The 'Jelly Shoes' Issue for Summer 2014

As a fashion blogger, I've come to terms with certain styles of what I like to call Plastic Fantastic shoes. Take for example the Melissa collaborations with both Vivienne Westwood and Jason Wu and the ever beautiful Lady Dragon styles. However this summer the jelly shoe has reared its ugly little head again, and I for one am unable to find myself wholly supportive of the trend.

Some of the more high end versions can be cute - the versions by Furla or even some of the Zare jellies are quite cute - however most of them are great big neon Lego bricks of jellified horror, strapped to your feet and surely no more fashionable than Crocs.

I have made a collection of Jellies - both high street and designer - and I challenge you to find the style that you would dare to wear from the plastic fantastic (perhaps) shoes on sale.

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