Monday, 26 May 2014


I always have the worst time trying to find the perfect summer sandals. A few years back I had it nailed with a gorgeous pair of butter-soft wedge sandals that you could wear all day long. That is until my (then) puppy Daisy picked them as her sole act of chewing destruction. I was mortified.

She's such a cutie though that I forgave her. Seriously though, could you stay mad at that face?

And every year since I've tried in vain to replace my 'wear with everything' sandals. This year the search continues.

So I was having a look for sandals (despite today being a particularly grey Bank Holiday Monday as I write this) and I was looking online this afternoon to see if anything would tempt me. I do love wedges but I am also going on holiday at the start of June, so a pair of poolside flats is also a must. I do much prefer to wear leather rather than synthetic uppers, although canvas can be great for the really hot weather. I am going to Fuerteventura this year, and I am hoping that the temperatures are amazing.

For the flats I love these gladiator sandals - but they are not available in my size. #cry They are just perfect to pair with one of my collection of All Saints mini skirts and shorts.

These would be absolutely perfect for evening dinner and cocktails as well as sightseeing and shopping. I'm still as yet undecided exactly what shoes I will go for, and I will be packing a few comfy canvas flats for daytime wear too.

Tell me ladies, how do you find your perfect summer shoes?

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