Wednesday, 26 February 2014

THE WORKWEAR EDIT (and also an explanation)

So, firstly I want or rather need to say a huge SORRY for not being about since last week with no explanation. Work has been super busy and I simply haven't had the time to post, but after this week things should normalise a little bit again and posts will resume as usual.

Now for the outfit...

I was thinking about women in the workplace and the fact that so many women seem to feel they have to dress a certain way, and that in some circles this seems to involve losing some sense of femininity. This is something I feel passionately about, and as a full time working Mum, I do understand the pressures of working in various types of environments.

I am all for whatever anyone wishes to wear to make them feel both comfortable and confident. Personally, I abhor trouser suits. They make me feel dumpy, and uncomfortable, and my smart go-to will always be a well fitted shift dress. I know there are probably many of you out there that feel the exact opposite way (again, totally fine) but I find it sad if a woman is taken less seriously because of wearing a feminine line or a fabulous pair of heels. If we are earning good money then of course there will be shoes (be they huge platforms, fabulous flats or kinky little kitten heels) and it saddens me to think that any woman at work will be judged based on her choice of clothing.

So, this is my take on the ultimate workwear outfit.

A simple boat neck shift from Lafayette, a short sleeved McQueen jumper, a large bag (big enough to transport lunch, keys, mp3 player, books, gum and any other assorted necessities), some fab little Charlotte Olympia heels, and a set of beautiful Marni brooches. The look is so simple and stylish, it looks effortless. If you don't love jumpers then swap it out for a fitted blazer or a bright scarf. The brooch pins are fantastic as they can be attached to different parts of the dress (shoulders, waist, lapel) to create very different looks.

What's your ultimate look for work?

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