Thursday, 13 February 2014

PRADA ALERT - The Perfect Silver Ankle Straps

As you will know, unless of course you are new to Shoeniverse (and if you are, well, hello there - you are looking fabulous today!), that I am a huge sucker for all things silver. Pewter and silver toned metallics speak volumes to me, probably why I am a true silver / white gold / platinum kind of a chick. And these Prada heels are very, very exciting indeed.

They remind me of Rocky Horror (but in a good way you understand - remember how amazing Tim Curry was in that? - and yet despite being a fusion of black suede, metallic and also a hefty non-concealed platform, they still manage to look graceful and refined. They are amazing and I desperately need these shoes. I want to wear them everywhere. You would see me swanning the aisles of Waitrose with a swing in my step. Grocery shopping never looked so stylish!

Click the image above if you want to buy them (you lucky thing)!

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