Wednesday, 19 February 2014

IT'S A BIT GREY OUT THERE But Your Clothes Needn't Feel Blue... aka The Cosy Warm Stylish Weekender

There is something so very comforting on a cold day to wear cosy clothes, but you still want to look good, right? So in an effort to address this, I thought I'd share my own personal style tips for keeping warm on cold commutes and weekend trips out.

Unless you are new to Shoeniverse, you will probably have picked up on my love affair with shades of grey. So my winter wardrobe is very much tones of black and grey with flashes of colour and lots of leather. I travel for my job and as such need to keep warm on the delights of public transport, but also want to not look like a polar bear wearing a million layers. My answer to this is simple layering and well fitted pieces with interesting draping. This was my inspiration for picking the pieces above. If you want to see all of my grey style picks then if you click the main image above you can browse them right now.

Everything from the Ash trainers to the goldsign leggings look cosy and comfortable, but without any great hassle to wear. There's stretch and movement, shoes are comfy to wear yet stylish, and then layer over a simple draped tank and a fluffy cashmere knit. Then throw on your choice of stylish bag. If it's really cold then add hat, gloves and scarf, preferably in something bright like cherry red or fuchsia, just to break up the colour a little.

I love this look and would happily wear it for work or to dress down at weekends. Infinitely more stylish that going grocery shopping in trackpants and a hoodie, yet no less comfortable and warm. You don't have to suffer for your style, but you will look a hundred times better than those who just throw on anything warm when the temperatures drop,

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