Tuesday, 14 January 2014

SPRING PLANNING WEEK - The Stylish Shopper

The Burberry Brit jacket in this outfit mood board is sadly sold out, however there is a waiting list if you wish to register for alerts. Other than that mild annoyance, the revelation of this outfit has to be the delicate little nude slings by none other than our very own Charlotte Dellal aka Charlotte Olympia. They are so subtle and simple that they could easily be mistaken for one of the more classic designer lines.

My favourite piece is the champagne and gold silk McQueen scarf. A girl can never have too many skulls. It stops finished result looking too twee, as does the animal print shopper. Whilst I like the bag (sort of...) I still don't think I'd ever actually use a bag like this, despite knowing full well that it's absolutely perfect and appropriate for the rest of the look. I am not sure I will ever gte over my aversion to the tackiness of animal print. I blame this woman.

So what do you think? For a splash of colour the jacket could be swapped for an oxblood tone, or you could try dark brown jeans or cords. But it's a very wearable look for being out and about when it's just not warm enough to just be in a top. Hope you like it.

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