Wednesday, 29 January 2014

BIKER CHICK SINGS THE BLUES Featuring Leather, Wool & a Peacock Palette

I started off this look with the cute little Mango jacket, and it was intended to be used for a very different looking outfit. However as I browsed around, the pieces just seemed to fit together so seamlessly that I changed the original theme and went with this instead. The jacket is in the sale, and can be picked up for £50 so it's worth getting if you don't have a trusted leather biked jacket already. I am a little over subscribed, as I can't get past my All Saints Karst jacket and have a TopShop leather biker jacket as a backup so I'll be giving it a miss (this time).

I do however really REALLY love this jumper. I love the deconstructed, built on the dummy styling, the use of fabric pieces and engineering in this is stunning, as is the gorgeous colour. I'd already picked out navy DVF pumps to stop this being just another black and grey style, and the different blues and teals seemed to want to join in - and who was I to stop them?

The sparkling glitter polish is a cute touch, and could easily just be worn on the 3rd nail (one of my favourite ways of manicuring at the moment) and then paired with a black or navy high shine (or matter) polish for the other nails if the idea of full glitter makes you balk. It also helps bring together the warmer tones in the jewellery pieces, and softens the look overall. It's a high fashion finish but with pieces that you could easily find replacements and lookalikes for from the high street too. The jacket itself is a steal, and you might even want to try fashioning your own jumper from a standard cut if you are handy with a needle and thread.

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