Saturday, 26 October 2013

Updates might be sporadic next week and here's why!

At about the time you read this I will be going back to my lovely tattoo artist - the wonderful Tori Treasure - to have both wrists tattooed as part of my ongoing sleeve work, and then to plan the top half of my right sleeve tattoo. For anyone who's not seen my tattoo work to date you can see more at DeviantArt and I will update this with the new wrists tattoos and the to-follow black lace and red ribbon burlesque (yes, really) right sleeve once complete and healed! Exciting!

However, after having two long and intense sessions on the watercolour sleeve this summer, and especially the amount of swelling involved on the sunflower that's on my inner forearm, I might be resting the arms up and not making too many updates early next week. If I can then I will, but if not and you get bored you can always follow my personal Tumblr (if you really miss me that much) for lots of weird and wonderful queued goodness!

Thanks for understanding, normal posts shall resume asap!


Friday, 25 October 2013

Divine Eveningwear feat - ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Strapless Gown With Beaded Peplum

The shape of this exquisitely formed, bead embellished gown from Alexander McQueen is nothing short of breathtaking.

Even the marginally simpler back view does nothing wrong. This is very much a grown woman's gown. Anyone else thinking Jennifer Lawrence for the Academy Awards as inspiration? She has the perfectly toned curves to show this at its best.

And so to the shoes. I am thinking simple. Black. Edgy. Take a look at these for inspiration.

Black Fishnet Ankle Boot

Black Ankle Boot

Lottie Suede Crisscross Sandal Black

Black Asymmetric Chain Strap Sandal

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bargain Sale Alert feat - STEVE MADDEN Black Gravityy Suede Wedges

These curved wedges are in the sale at Selfridges and are reduced to just £26. So if you are on the lookout for a pair of on trend party shoes for the Christmas and New Year festivities, then you can't go far wrong with these at less than £30!

You can still pick them up on some other online retailers for more than double what you'll pay here, but be fast as they won't last for long!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wet Weather Antidote feat - KAREN MILLEN Red Bow Collection Peep Toe Shoes

It's not strictly an Autumnal staple (okay I admit, it's utterly impractical...) but these shoes will surely cheer up the darkest of days, right ladies? The bow is to die for, and if you like your slings on the vintage side, these heels are sheer perfection.

Not sold? Check out the to-die-for top down view...

I am equally in love with the subtle sheen on the nude tone heels.

They really are very very good. The only question for me is going ot be which excuse to use to justify buying them? They would make perfect Christmas morning heels!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sending Me Dotty feat - EMANUEL UNGARO Black Stivale Pois

Aah the humble polka dot. It's a fash pack staple, and works whether you are a cutting edge diva or a retro vixen. These unusual boots are like a wearable version of the 'bootcut' style of boots we saw last year (they didn't get featured on here because I hated them but if you saw them you'll know what I mean) and are utterly charming. I am not entirely sure what to pair them with outside of a pair of cutoff denims and a red jumper, but they are adorable no matter what.

They'd also serve as a quirky twist to a plain LBD.

Monday, 21 October 2013

What to Wear With feat - ROBERTO CAVALLI Grey Knee Length Irregular Hem Dress

This dress is adorable, and by that I mean in an "I must buy it now or forever regret not doing so" kind of a way. It's fair to say that it's properly stunning, but with dresses so delicate it can be hard to find just the right footwear. So while it was 'love at first sight' for me nad the dress, how to style the ensemble did take a fair amount of consideration.

Of course the natural option is a safe nude pump, right?

But it doesn't feel special enough to me. This dress is a rock chick fiesta of an evening gown, an edgy dress that begs for smudgy dark eyes and tousled hair. This dress, in my opinion, would be better off styled with these....

First option is the YSL Paris ankle boots in red:

The splash of bright cherry red is unexpected and fun - the dress is neutral so why not rock it up with a boot in a fun colour?

Alternatively, for a more formal affair, how about the Jimmy Choo Anouk pump in this funky metallic multicolour finish?

How would you style the dress?