Friday, 13 September 2013

FNSA - FORZIERI Pink Magenta Satin And Leather Slingback Evening Pump Shoes

These heels originally retailed at £212, so their current on sale price tag of £64 might just be of interest to some of you, particularly if you are planning a wedding party where deep pink needs to be factored in. They really are a sweet little shoe that would look fantastic for a special occasion.

I just LOVE how low down the cut on the sides is. Beautiful.

Maybe you'd like to be a blushing bride in pink too? There are no rules after all, and these are so delicate and pretty they could easily be worn as a bridal shoe. Most sizes are in stock at the moment but be fast if you like them as I would imagine they will sell out fairly quickly at this price.

Happy weekend, shoe fairies!

Lookalikes - JIMMY CHOO Lance vs FANCY LADIES Double Buckles Stiletto


FANCY LADIES Double Buckles Stiletto

Obviously these shoes are not the same colour and undoubtedly the quality of the doppelgangers will not be quite the same. However, in terms of getting the designer look at a tiny fraction of the on-sale designer original, the appeal is undeniable.

The Jimmy Choo heels, on sale, are still selling for £345, whereas you can pick up the copies for just £26.98. They're real leather too. Pretty amazing.

I'm really interested to hear what the Shoeniverse readers think about designer copies. Would you wear them?

Ooh Pretty! feat - NASTY GAL / JEFFREY CAMPBELL Solitaire Platform Pump in Hot Pink and Lavender

If it wasn't for the labelling inside the shoes themselves I would never have thought these were Jeffrey Campbell heels. They look more like something ASOS would bring out. They are cute and candy coloured and not really what I've come to expect from Jeffrey Campbell. Having said that, they are rather pretty though.

A bit of mix and match magic is in order after seeing these, pick the pieces that you'd like to suit your favourite colour.

Lilac Tasseled Scarf
Pink Cashmere Scarf
Grey Wraparound
Black Petite Woven Back Jumper
Black Petrel Brodie
Grey Ankle Length Jeans
Purple Pastel Satchel
Pink Large Edge Paint Satchel

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Biker Beauties feat - FRYE Jayden Moto Cuff In Black

Well, it's never a shock to see a biker boot on Shoeniverse, as to me they are a must have staple for every season apart from Summer (and even occasionally then if the showers are strong enough). The Jayden boot from Frye is about as perfect an example of how to do it right as you are ever likely to see.

So to celebrate these beautiful little booties, I've picked out some fabulous little dresses that would pair gorgeously with them. Just add a leather jacket and a bright coloured satchel and you're away.

Jumper Dress
Floral Lace A-Line Dress
Yellow Vinyl Tank Dress
Black Gabby Dress By Motel

Which of the dresses do you love the best?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Return to Form feat - GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Red Zip Suede Ankle-Boots

While I am still not totally convinced about the new heel shape of a lot of the new Giuseppe Zanotti styles, this red zip ankle boot ticks my 'rock chick' box and is very much a relative return to form following last week's pink fluffy extravaganza.

*Stop trying to make fetch happen*

So, in comparison these are beautiful. I'd happily wear them with a casual dressed down look or to add some interest to a mini dress. I'm still not entirely sold on the heels from the back view however. Maybe I am just being a little harsh.

They look a lot brighter in this next shot but I think it's just the lighting. They really do look great when worn though.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Queen of Quirk returns feat - CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Black Bear With Me Sandal // Bear Necessities Pump

The last time Charlotte Olympia shoes were featured on Shoeniverse it was the green suede Eiffel Tower sandals and you may remember that I was a tad disappointed with them. Not because there was anything wrong with them - in fact I though they were a gorgeous pair of heels, however they didn't have any of the quirky and fun signature details that we've come to know and love from Charlotte Olympia. So I was rather delighted when I saw these when looking for new heels to feature on the blog this week because ladies, she is very much back. Platform is in place. And shoe fairies, these heels sport a little bear on the vamp.

Here's a closer look. He's quite a happy little chap.

The heels themselves are of course beautiful. I think that CO sandals are among the very best strappy heels that have come out in recent seasons. They are incredibly flattering when worn. Sorry about the dress in the shot below (I hate it).

The question remains, as so often with Charlotte Olympia shoes, would you want a pair of designer heels with a teddy bear on the front. It's hard to think of an occasion when a more normal heel wouldn't win out, but if you love quirky fun designs then these might just be perfect. I'd love to know if you would wear them and what you'd pair them with.

But wait there's more! I also found a closed toe pointed pump called Bear Necessities and the colour is simply amazing. I think these are slightly more wearable for everyday compared to the sandal version. The deepest pink brocade upper on these it just to die for.

Is it my imagination or do the bears on the pumps look happier? I love the teeny tiny inlaid platform, barely there and such a fantastic little feature. They are an incredibly elegant shoe and I hope to see more pump styles like this with the more subtle shapes and pointed toes this season.

Wear them with a simple shift to inject a bit of personality into boring work wear.

I wonder if we'll get a tie in with Disney soon and see a suite of Winnie the Pooh characters on CO heels next? Watch this space.

*Reserves herself some Eeyore boots*

Monday, 9 September 2013

High Street Heroes - TOPSHOP Polished Premium Heels four ways

Buy Blue Polished Premium Heels // Buy Black Polished Premium Heels - both £90

I adore these! Topshop have managed to create a truly stunning high quality finish with these super high sandals, but the choice of soft powdery indigo blue suede or glossy sexy high shine black leather is a tricky one. If other colours come to light then I'll post an update to this later in the week. They really do not look like a High Street shoe.

They look so very good when worn. On a side note just how amazing is the mini dress in the first shot too?!!

The purple blue is an amazing shade, would look fantastic clashed with bright colours like hot pink or emerald green.

I would pick the black if I had to, however ideally I'd like to choose them both. They would also look stunning with a little black dress or even jeans and a leather jacket. Something like this (apologies for featuring my fave leather jacket yet again as it's sold out, but I do love it):

Black Karst Cropped Leather Jacket
Black Malone Cardigan
Black Le Color Rip
Grey Silver Jessie Scarf

How would you wear these cute little High Street Hero heels?

UPDATE - I found some more colours too! See below for even more from Topshop

Buy them in white:

Buy them in purple: