Friday, 6 September 2013

TFNS - Pigalle-a-like feat - FANCY LADIES Black Pointy Toe Stiletto High Heels with Red Sole

I had to show you these to round off the week. If you are dying for a pair of Pigalle heels but can't meet the price tag then why not consider a pair of these from fancy Ladies which will cost you just £33.09. They are real leather although they have a rubber sole and other than that style wise they are a total copy of the originals.

I think it's time you went ahead and treated yourself, don't you? It is Friday after all...

TFL - CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Spike Wars Red Sole Ankle Bootie Version Black

These beautiful heels have left me well and truthfully dumbfounded. I am speechless. Yes, I know they are utterly OTT and probably not your average subtle daytime workwear. However they are very much the epitome of Louboutin and why we love CL heels are they not?

Spikes. Mixed media. Patent. Metallics. Red sole. It's all there. Perfection. The only problem is I keep calling them Star Wars. Although Star Wars is of course thoroughly epic, so if that's the worst thing to happen to these shoes then dearest shoe fairies, i think we have ourselves a winner. Beautiful.

Friday Bargains feat - RALPH LAUREN COLLECTION Brown Umina Burnished Calf Leather Ballerina Shoe

It's fair to say I've probably been neglecting my flats-loving shoe fairies for a little while. I do apologise for this and I come bearing a peace offering in the form of these beautiful Ralph Lauren flats which are reduced right down to just £84. They were originally £204 so even better than half price.

Burnished calf leather and brass-tone buckles create a carefully crafted old england mood in the dainty rounded toe umina ballerina flats. Signature dust bag and box included.

They are a real high quality classic, I think everyone should have a really good pair of neutral flats in their shoe collection, and these would certainly fit the bill. Perfect for when your feet need a well earned rest from the towering heels.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Um... ok.... feat - GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Pink Fur Over Knee Boots

OK so it's never a good sign when you look at a pair of designer boots and the very first thing you can think of is Katie Price dressed up as a pink pony to promote her range of equestrian wear.

In an odd curious way I do love Katie Price. I have a soft spot for British eccentricity that affords me much love for 'the Pricey' even if sometimes her promotional stints are the gossip column's wet dream fantasies. She's actually very clever, not only at promoting herself but also at ensuring that she remains relevant. She does this in as batshit crazy a manner as possible, and as seen here, sometimes dressing up as a pony, Or a mermaid. Or whatever else takes her fancy.

She is not however my favourite shoe inspiration. We remember the 'one ankle sock and heels' look she tried to make happen. In turn, this just reminds me of Mean Girls...

Anyway I have gone off on quite the tangent here. The point is that it would seem GZ is hellbent on becoming a Style Trial repeat offender. Oh dear. We do hope he stops all this silliness soon and goes back to making beautiful shoes that we all adore.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Trail Blaz(er)ing feat - LOVE MOSCHINO Black Blazer with Bow Belt

I don't often base the Shoeniverse posts solely around a piece of clothing (although we have had a few theme weeks when this has been the case) however this divine little blazer from Love Moschino is so damned delightful that I thought it deserved to have a post created just for it. It's available at Yoox and sizes are limited, but isn't it just adorable?

Here's how it fits when worn.

I do find the grey top and jeans a little, well, drab if I'm honest. The jacket has so much personality that I think it needs to be paired with something a little bit more exciting. So see below for my picks of what to team with it and an array of shoe choices (naturally!)

Black Ruffled Silk Cady Blouse
Silver Cream Foil Lace Skater Skirt
Pink Leary Angular Square Sunglasses
White Glory Skull 3d Flower Clutch

Now for some shoe choices...

Pink Rolling Spikes Velvet Loafers
Pink Strappy Neon Heel
Pink Bouganville Suede Contour Platform Peep Toes
Pink Suede Cutout Platform Sandals

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bootiful! feat ZARA Grey Leather Ankle Boot With Strap

I was looking through the new season pieces coming through and it reminded me how much I enjoy Autumn fashions. Deep russets and reds, dark grey and lots of black leather seem to be the order of the day (or they are on my wishlist in any case) and when I saw these gorgeous little ankle boots from Zara I knew they were going to be one of my favourite high street boots. The high slim stack heel is gorgeous, I love the omission of a platform, and the grey upper is classic and timeless as a winter neutral.

They're available for £89, which is a bargain really as they are real leather too and the styling is perfection. They are reminiscent of a lot of more expensive boots out there (you'll find similar style online at All Saints, Mulberry and Alexander Wang) and will look fantastic with everything from leather skirts to wool trousers or slate grey skinnies. My picks of some pieces that would work well with them below. As always click any item you like to go shopping.

Crepe Sparks Skirt In Merlot
Black Petite Textured Skater Skirt
Grey Stretch Jersey Ruched Dress
Rasberry Midlength Jacket

Grey Cardigan
Wraparound Cardigan
Black Two-Tone Trouser
Grey Max Urban Pants

Then finish off the look with this amazing little bag - currently on sale from Rebecca Minkoff.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Halloween Prep post - costume crazy featuring Lollipop Chainsaw and more!


I thought it might be fun to more fully embrace the idea of dressing up this year ( as I love Cosplay) and I was looking around for some ready made cosplay-worthy costumes that are cute and easy to wear. You can have them custom fitted too so don't worry if you need that, you'll be assured a perfect fit. I know this post won't be for everyone, but it's a bit of fun and I hope you at least enjoy my alternative footwear ideas for each one. Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw is a real winner - cute as hell. Shame about the game...

Bring the look to life with these amazing studded Converse platform booties. Just don't forget the legwarmers!


Supergirl is another viable option for the cute look, plus this covers up your midriff if that's a concern. It also opens up a world of bright red knee high boot options, so this might be a winner if you have a pair in mind. Or just want an excuse to buy a new pair. Because you 'need' them 'for the outfit' Uh huh.

Add a bit of retro flair with these bright and beautiful red booties from Miz Mooz.


If you want a proper PC gamer nerd look that's cute and a lot of people asking 'who are you?' then look no further than the pink haired beauty of Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy 13. Love this. This is probably my pick of the bunch, managing to do Final Fantasy cosplay without ending up looking tacky. Well worth a try.

Add extra height and sex appeal by swapping out the black cuban heeled boots with these gorgeous ones from Zara.


If you are after bringing a bit of attention to yourself then why not try this stunning Ahri costume from PC multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends. Managing to look sweet and sultry at the same time, this costume ensures that all eyes will be on you. So if that's your endgame I'd highly recommend it.

There is no better way to wear this than with Anouk from Jimmy Choo.


My final pick is Princess Peach from the Mario universe. One of my all time favourite game characters ever, this is a super cute and feminine costume that will be instantly recognisable to everyone. Peachy!

Add the fearsomely awesome Alexander Mcqueen black mary jane heels to make this a little bit less of a stripper costume!

That's your lot - if you do dress up for Halloween and would like to be featured on Shoeniverse then you can email me in pictures of your costumes and I'll create a post nearer the time.

Insomnia Post feat - GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Pink Suede Sandals With Metallic Heel & their budget lookalikes

I've been up for more than 3 hours as you read this post - I couldn't sleep and consequently I've been wasting time on the tinternet since getting up. Coffee and egg whites have helped my head just enough to be able to write a quick bonus post - and all in a good cause. These Giuseppe Zanotti sandals would, prior to selling out completely, have cost you £450. They are beautiful though aren't they? However you can get the look for just over a smidge under £55 if you get the heels below:

Gladiator-style high-heeled Sheepskin sandals in Rose Red. Open Toe Type, Approx. 3-4" stiletto heel. 100% Sheepskin.

Buy it now at

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday 'Treat Yo Self' post featuring FANCY LADIES Delicate Stiletto Peep Toe Suede Yellow Party High Heels (Sharon lookalike)

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month - Happy September ladies. Yes, Summer is coming to an end, but why not cheer yourself up with these pretty little Sharon lookalikes from Fancy Ladies?

They will cost you less than £50 and you instantly can own one of my all time favourite shoe styles at a mere fraction of their Giuseppe Zanotti doppelgangers.

I am curious to hear what Shoeniverse readers think of designer copies? Do you love them or would you rather save for an original?

Buy FANCY LADIES Delicate Stiletto Peep Toe Suede Yellow Party High Heels (Sharon lookalike)