Friday, 15 February 2013

FNBA - COAST Gold Emma Shoe

This week's Friday Night Bargain Alert comes in a gorgeous matte-sequinned pointy pump variety, courtesy of the Emma pumps from Coast. Originally £155, you can now snap them up for just £85.

These are undoubtedly the most subtle sequin shoes I have ever seen. It also gives them something of an antique look - they could be vintage - and keeps everything really classy.

Buy COAST Gold Emma Shoe

TFL - CASADEI Pink Pointed Toe Pump (PPP)

The Friday Luxe (and indeed Pretty Pink Pump) this week is a marvel. I fell instantly for their charms. It was love at first sight! The gorgeous fuchsia suede grabbed my eye and then I saw the other pictures too and was utterly hooked.

The way the metallic piping runs down the back of the shoe to match so perfectly with the pale gold blade heel literally gives me shivers! I think these are my favourite shoes of 2013 so far.

I slowly had to come around to pointed toes on shoes, but these do everything right. I even prefer them to the much talked about Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps.

Buy CASADEI Pink Pointed Toe Pump

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Multicolor Tango Sandal

Tango from Giuseppe Zanotti is the perfect example of when I adore a pair of shoes at first sight and yet fail dismally to remember to blog about them**. We are talking for months as well - so it's time to right that wrong and show some appreciation to these neon and nude colourblock wonder shoes!

(** I totally blame Giuseppe Zanotti for his never ending new colours for the Sharon pumps posing several months of distraction!)

Now on paper the fusion of neon yellow and green against taupe and coral pink probably doesn't sound fantastic - yet when you see it in action it makes perfect sense. They are a gorgeous classic shape in any colour of course, with their open toe and delicate t-strap.

I rather love them, and they have been on my online shoe porn list for months.

If you would like to make them yours, you can buy them at FarFetch where they will cost you £695.

Buy GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Multicolor Tango Sandal

Thursday, 14 February 2013

SPLENDID Black Lima Knee High Boots

These beautiful boots from Splendid were available via my Lyst but are now sold out, so you can't buy them (but click the image if you want to be notified of any new stock availability). They are a beautiful vintage looking knee boot with exquisite detailing. My only worry is that I never got a pair and I may have missed out on such a beautiful looking pair of boots!

A split overlay wraps around the knee-high shaft of soft leather Splendid boots, draping over the vamp and the sturdy stacked heel.

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ACNE Pewter Pistol Short Ankle Boot

My ongoing obsession with all things pewter continues with these gorgeous ACNE Pistol boots. I have such a lifelong love affair with short boots that it was only a matter of time before ACNE's Pistol made it to Shoeniverse. I just about managed to resist the pink version last week, but then gunmetal gorgeousness slayed me and I caved!

I mean really, they are outrageously perfect.

Buy ACNE Pewter Pistol Short Ankle Boot

JIMMY CHOO 85mm India Patent Leather Sandals

Thursday is so often such a grey old day, so let's wake ourselves up into the ahem *working* day with these gorgeous bright sandals, courtesy of Jimmy Choo.

The only real dilemma here with India is which colour looks better? The hot tomato orange red is stunning and a real head turner, but are they better than the super cool bright turquoise? They are both available now at LuisaViaRoma for £287.

Buy JIMMY CHOO 85mm India Patent Leather Sandals - Orange

Buy JIMMY CHOO 85mm India Patent Leather Sandals - Turquoise

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

VALENTINO Pink Macramé Lace Espadrilles

I will be honest with you all here. I adore these shoes but there is absolutely NO WAY that I would spend the required £335 to make them mine. They are gorgeous, and I am sure will be much-copied this summer however, so before the copycats arrive let's take a peek at the real thing from Valentino.

They are gorgeous and look like perfect lazy summer weekend or holiday shoes, however for me macramé and jute does not add up to a shoe in excess of £300!

They are a nice change from the TOMS obsession of last summer though. What do you think? I'd love to hear if you would actually justify paying this price for them too!

Buy VALENTINO Pink Macramé Lace Espadrilles

MADEWELL Mauve The Patent Sidewalk Skimmer - quick sale post!

Whether you want to refer to these cute little flat patent pumps as purple, mauve or lilac, one thing's for sure - they are an absolute delight. Even someone like me (who has a severe purple aversion) can appreciate them (although I would totally buy them in coral or apple green).

The Patent Sidewalk Skimmer is a truly classic ballet flat, free of any fuss or flashy features. A true shoe icon. You can wear these sharply shaped flats for miles and miles—and never get tired of their chic Parisian-girl charm.

They can now be yours for just £45.

Buy MADEWELL Mauve The Patent Sidewalk Skimmer

STEVE MADDEN Womens Troopa Ankle Boot

It's been a little while since I have featured a flat boot, and also anything from Steve Madden, so these gorgeous military Troopa ankle boots are the perfect way to kick off Wednesday! Plus they will cost you just £61 for a real leather boot with designer style.

Make them your new go-to ankle boots to wear through spring showers with pretty flirty dresses and cut off jeans and you won't be disappointed.

When you click through you will also see lots of colour options, as these also come in:

Cognac Leather

Natural Leather

Green Leather

Purple Leather

So surely there is a colour somewhere there that's good for you? I could take one in every colour (okay, minus the purple) and wear them all week.

Buy STEVE MADDEN Womens Troopa Ankle Boot

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

NINE WEST Beige Womens Weightless Thong Sandal

One of the good things about shoe shopping is finding a bargain. This can be on sale, Ebay or by buying off-season bargains. Take these gorgeous simple thong sandals from Nine West. They can be yours for just £15, so grab them now and then pack them away until the weather warms up (or you jet off to sunnier places).

So simple and neutral they could be your go-to holiday or summer sandal for daytime.

Buy NINE WEST Beige Womens Weightless Thong Sandal

If these are not quite what you are looking for then check out these gorgeous flat sandals courtesy of the Shoeniverse Lyst!

GIANVITO ROSSI Black or Blue Open Toe Mule

So after the *horrors* of this morning, I thought that something frivolous and slightly impractical was in order, so in steps Gianvito Rossi with these marvellous little stiletto mules. I promised you pretty, not practical.

They are beautiful and I would love to totter around in them, or wear them to breakfast if I were staying in a hotel. Or even to breakfast at home! Deliciously kooky.

No you will not be able to walk for days in them, they will probably slip off in hot weather, and good luck not spraining an ankle if you were to wear them on anything but a perfectly even surface. But these shoes are simple, beautiful and utterly fierce.


Buy GIANVITO ROSSI Black Open Toe Mule

If the black doesn't float your boat by the way why not try the capri blue?

Buy GIANVITO ROSSI Blue Open Toe Mule

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Silver Cataclou 60 Studded Espadrille Sandals

Hmm. I get the feeling where it's going to be one of those weeks where I find myself staring at a load of new shoes and wondering "What were you thinking?". This is not a question that I find myself asking often of Christian Louboutin, but when it comes to these close to flatform - and therefore rather cumbersome - espadrille sandals, it just had to be asked.

A full profile shot doesn't really improve things.

No CL you make the pretty shoes, remember? The ones we fawn over and would sell a kidney to get our hands on, remember? Remember how we swooned over the beauty of Flo, Lady Peep, Lady Gres, Fifi and June, to name but a few?

Perhaps he was just having a bad day.

Ugly, ugly, ugly!

The product blurb cheerfully tells me that "Christian Louboutin sets a new standard for the espadrille sandal. Giving the retro silhouette a new age lick of contemporary cool with silver-toned studs, this red-soled summer shoe is the perfect accent to city backdrops". Sadly this is just marketing overselling of a terrible style that looks more Primark bargain bin than Louboutin.

I think I shall have to find something exceptionally pretty for the lunchtime post, and then we should all just agree to pretend we never saw these. Agreed? I am going to put a purchase link on these but seriously would love to know WHY anyone wants to buy them!

Buy CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Silver Cataclou 60 Studded Espadrille Sandals

Monday, 11 February 2013

GIVENCHY Brown Embellished Wolffish Sandals

These shoes were an exercise in random net findings. I almost scrolled past them, but I decided that the thumbnail was quite nice and they were added to one of my Pinterest boards. Only then did I see the full detail of the shoes, and decided that actually what looked to be a perfectly normal pair of taupe ankle straps were worthy of a mention. These shoes feature (and this is a direct quote from the product page) "silver metal shark teeth".

Like, really.

On close inspection, I find the whole shoe rather confusing. We have a basic shoe shape that's really nice. If it was just in well any colour with the little metal heel tips then we would be onto a winner. But throw in the random additions of silver shark teeth and the odd plastic and cheap looking heel moulding, and I rather think they ruined them. These could have been so good if only they had been kept simple. Also if you must have silver adornments, and the shoes are called 'Wolffish' then why not claws? Are they meant to be claws do you think? Does that go any way towards making them less weird?

I remain unconvinced.

This is such a shame when if you consider them from a distance you can see they really did have potential.

Buy GIVENCHY Brown Embellished Wolffish Sandals

CHLOÉ Kasia Sneaker Wedge in Ivory

I realise that this post is likely to have 'the Marmite reaction' for most of you. I realise that wedge trainers or sneakers will not be everyone's thing, but there are so many of them about that I thought it might be good to feature a really good pair. For even in the world of wedge trainers, not all of them are created equal. I do really wish I owned these gorgeous ivory high tops from Chloé. In terms of how to rock the trend they are doing everything just right.

They have succeeded in designing a wedge high top that doesn't look or feel clumsy or ill considered. In fact the overall look is pretty sleek, and with dressed down with your favourite leggings or jeans and an oversized slouchy jumper would be comfy for a heavy day hitting the shops.

The colours really help too. They don't shout or clash. They are not flashy. They are gorgeously neutral and I would certainly wear them.

Buy CHLOÉ Kasia Sneaker Wedge in Ivory