Friday, 1 February 2013

FNSA - COAST Black Zaire Shoe

These gorgeous sandals are this week's Friday Night Sale Alert, and can be found at Coast down from £220 to just £64.

I love the contrast t-strap and the platform - they are definitely evening shoes and once again make me think of good old The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I can't look at black platform sandals without thinking of Tim Curry! They are on sale at a fantastic saving so if you do feel like putting your best platform clad foot forward then go grab them before they sell out!

COAST Black Zaire Shoe - BUY THEM


I had to feature these for this week's The Friday Luxe, because although we have featured CL's Fifi style before, and indeed it's my preferred style above the much famed Pigalle, this blue crystal covered version is so different and totally out of this world.

The official colour of these is termed as Meridian Blue, and they are begging to be worn out dancing so that the myriad of colours can sparkle and shine under pretty lights.

I love crystal covered shoes, the crystal CL Lady Peep's being another favourite of mine, so of course these were always going to appeal to me. Unfortunately they cost in excess of £2000 so they won't be added to my shoe collection anytime soon. If you can make them yours then you are one lucky girl!


FRYE Beige Celia X Stitch Boots

A quick sale alert to kick off the new month with these gorgeous suede beauties from Frye.

You can pick them up at Shopbop, reduced down to £151. Fantastic price for a true quality pair of full length suede boots, plus being flat means they are going to be both comfortable and wearable without compromising on style.

FRYE Beige Celia X Stitch Boots - BUY THEM

Thursday, 31 January 2013

BRIAN ATWOOD Aliyza Open Toe Slingback Pump in Red

Sometimes I see a pair of shoes and determine straight away that I simply must feature them on Shoeniverse. Some shoes are growers and after a few weeks I realise how much I like them and write about them. There is however also a third category. The 'I am not quite sure still but they have sort of worn me down into submission' shoes. These bright slingbacks from Brian Atwood fit into this third category, not because they are bad at all - just because whilst I do kind of like them, I normally like to feature shoes that I absolutely definitely would be willing to wear. I am still somewhat undecided about these heels. I love the shape and the bright red upper (huge plus points) but how I wish they sported a metallic or patent heel and platform. Or that the Aztec styled printing featured maybe some yellow or more bright green? There is something about them that is just not quite right for me.

Might I wear them on holiday? Yep, I think I might. The bright colours are gorgeous, and I would think they would work well as a summer shoe, I just prefer this view so much more and would dearly love it had they come with a patent or metallic heel and platform in maybe fuchsia or orange. They would have been stupendous!

If you want to rock the Aztec trend however this summer you will find these on sale at under £250, so if you do like them then snap them up fast.

BRIAN ATWOOD Aliyza Open Toe Slingback Pump in Red - BUY THEM

ANTHROPOLOGIE Beige Juliana Patent Bow Pumps

These gorgeous double bow peep toe pumps remind me a lot of a pair of vintage Carvela heels I have. So instantly, upon seeing them and their half rice goodness, I thought we ought to take a closer look.

They are of course real leather and the double bows add an interesting touch to an otherwise fairly basic nude pump. Having said that they are a nice classic line and would always look good, so investing in them if you want a pair of nude pumps that are a little bit different would be well worth your money.

ANTHROPOLOGIE Beige Juliana Patent Bow Pumps - BUY THEM

Double Post - ZARA Strass Ballerina & Ballerina with Ankle Strap

I just couldn't decide between these lovely flats which are available at Zara, so I thought I would show them both to you. They are both gorgeously embellished, so whether you are after bright colours and sparkling toes, or a nude pump with a twinkling ankle feature then Zara have you covered. The pink ones are just £22 while the ankle strap nudes are more expensive at £49. Having said that, I think they are both suitable value for their respective prices and would happily buy them both!

It's not often you get this much detailing on a pair of shoes under £22 - certainly not on a shoe which stands up well to an extreme close up.

Plus if you do like pink shoes then the colour is amazing.

The crystal strap on the nude version is just as pretty.

Plus they are more wearable with everything too. I just can't decide though - which ones do you prefer? Are you tempted to buy them both?

ZARA Pink Strass Ballerina - BUY THEM

ZARA Ballerina with Ankle Strap - BUY THEM

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

CASADEI Tan Leather Thigh Boots

These stunning blade heeled wonder boots from Casadei have somehow made it into sale at The Outnet. The reduction makes them less than half price too - down from almost £1200 to under £500.

As far as heeled over the knee boots go, they are right up there with the very best that I have ever seen. Of course, I do have a weakness for tan boots as well which helps, and these are a rich buttery colour that would work well with almost everything.

The back view of the heels is the last finishing touch, with the wood inlay contrasting beautifully against the metal blade. If you are in the market for a really different yet classic pair of over-knee boots and have the cash then make them yours now before they disappear!

CASADEI Tan Leather Thigh Boots - BUY THEM

APERLAI Green Spike Back Sandals

These beautiful emerald green spiked back sandals are AMAZING even if they do appear to turn your feet into tiny dragons. Behold...

They are all kinds of incredible though (not a word I have ever used lightly) and they are just about the cutest things going. Loving even the little spikes on the back. Just beware of catching long skirt hems on them. The suede is THE colour of Summer 2013 and I love everything about them.

Still not seeing the dragon yet?


APERLAI Green Spike Back Sandals - BUY THEM

ASOS Beige Prior Pointed High Heels

I had to show you these, and at just £45 ASOS are once again flexing their footwear muscles to the competition. These twin ankle strap pointed toe sandals are perfect for 2013, and as always look much more expensive than they really are. I am really impressed with ASOS footwear at the moment.

The pointed toe makes them very current whilst the twin straps give them an edge in a veritable sea of nude ankle strap heels. Personally, I love the fact that these are not open toe as I would find them much more comfortable.

The mix of suede look and patent is also interesting - another thumbs up to ASOS and their shoe department. I shall be keeping an eye on you this year...

ASOS Beige Prior Pointed High Heels - BUY THEM

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

BROOKS BROTHERS Red Burnished Wingtip Platform Oxfords

If you like the 'school matron' type of work shoes, but are dying to grab a pair of heeled brogues or oxfords then you might just love these stunning mixed media wingtip platform lace up heels from Brooks Brothers. The detailing is sublime - right down to the oxblood leather laces.

They are an absolutely stunning looking work shoe. So very practical but without any compromise on individuality or femininity. Beautiful!

BROOKS BROTHERS Red Burnished Wingtip Platform Oxfords - BUY THEM

MIU MIU Mint & Silver Tstrap Platform Wedge Sandal

Miu Miu have come up trumps for spring and summer for me with these stunning mint green and silver t-strap wedge sandals. I would want to wear them with just about everything!

The colour of the suede is so delicate that it's close enough to neutral. You could wear them with everything from deep dark denim to multi coloured floral shorts. They would even look fabulous with a simple LBD and chunky silver accessories. They are like a footwear Swiss army knife!

MIU MIU Mint & Silver Tstrap Platform Wedge Sandal - BUY THEM

J.CREW Grey Etta Bow Pumps

Etta is a wide heeled court from J.Crew and are billed as 'heels for the girl who wears only flats'. The wider heel and padded footbed should aid the comfort level of those unused to wearing heels and their 60's retro styling also makes them rather a fantastic work shoe. You could probably also run (a smallish distance) in them if you needed to!

They will cost you £167 but will never really go out of style, and they might just be the most comfortable pair of heels you have ever owned!

J.CREW Grey Etta Bow Pumps - BUY THEM

Monday, 28 January 2013

BETTYE MULLER Pink Suede Slippers

The first flats of the week come from Bettye Muller who is a new name to Shoeniverse. However if we can expect to see more hot pink suede goodness like these cute slipper loafers then expect to see her here again!

These shoes are effortlessly chic. They would work so well clashed against some coloured denim or leather pants. Perfect for when you want to take a day off from wearing heels but still want to wear shoes that don't feel boring. I would definitely wear them, and they are also reduced too - down from £145 to just £116.

The close up detailing is pretty special.

What do you think? Do you love your flat shoes? Do you love these?

BETTYE MULLER Pink Suede Slippers - BUY THEM

D&G Black High Heeled Sandals

These gorgeous heels, with their bright fuchsia pink bow front and rhinestone embellishment, are available at Yoox but are limited in available sizes. Sorry about that - but they were so pretty that I had to feature them despite the lack of additional images or sizes.

If they are available in your size and you do make them yours then congrats - they are rather pretty arn't they?

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Metallic Gold Skull Chain Sandal

If you are after a nude simple sandal with a little bit of personality and edge then these from Alexander McQueen might be just what you are looking for. The only ever-so-slight teeny issue I have with them is that the chain and skull are not in silver. Other than that, these shoes are simply perfect for me!

These gorgeous shoes could of course only ever be Alexander McQueen, one of my all time favourites in fashion, and still sorely missed.

The lines are simple and clean, proving that if everything else is kept minimal enough that the infamous skull adornments can work on even the skimpiest of shoes.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Metallic Gold Skull Chain Sandal - BUY THEM