Saturday, 26 October 2013

Updates might be sporadic next week and here's why!

At about the time you read this I will be going back to my lovely tattoo artist - the wonderful Tori Treasure - to have both wrists tattooed as part of my ongoing sleeve work, and then to plan the top half of my right sleeve tattoo. For anyone who's not seen my tattoo work to date you can see more at DeviantArt and I will update this with the new wrists tattoos and the to-follow black lace and red ribbon burlesque (yes, really) right sleeve once complete and healed! Exciting!

However, after having two long and intense sessions on the watercolour sleeve this summer, and especially the amount of swelling involved on the sunflower that's on my inner forearm, I might be resting the arms up and not making too many updates early next week. If I can then I will, but if not and you get bored you can always follow my personal Tumblr (if you really miss me that much) for lots of weird and wonderful queued goodness!

Thanks for understanding, normal posts shall resume asap!


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