Friday, 27 September 2013

Dress Week Part 2 - feat J. MENDEL Asymmetrical Drape Gown

This might just possibly be my favourite ever cherry red dress. It's the perfect shade, the draping is exemplary, and the finished look is feminine and flattering. Such a beautiful example of bias craftsmanship and design. This really does deserve to be adorning an Academy Award winning actress in my opinion. It is of course full length so the shoes would only show when the dress was being held up at the front (steps etc) but it demands the most beautiful footwear to finish the look. Just look how incredible the drapework is at the front.

So to the shoes. My picks below. The dress, in this case, will always be the star of the show but these heels can definitely hold their own. Whether you want metallic, colour match, neutral or black, it all works with this amazing gown.

Silver Metallic Leather Sandals
Red Suede Multi Strap Sandals
Black Bow Diamante Sandals
Pink Closed Toe Couture

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