Monday, 19 August 2013

Style Trial - featuring GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Brown Leopard Bootie

Oh dear me, we have seen some truly sinful designs in the past few weeks, but somehow I never imagined GZ to become one of the culprits. These shoes are just a little bit odd. The overall design, if in a single colour such as black patent (suede toe) or pewter high shine metallic (patent black toe) I would have fully embraced. But the mix of medias simply do not work for me. Leopard print, cobalt blue and then black straps? Really, Giuseppe? I'm sorry, but I do not approve.

The additional pictures do nothing to prove me wrong... If anything it makes the case even more damning, as the heel is a little bit.... odd too. *sigh*

Am I being overly dramatic here? Do you think they are actually amazing?

Buy GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Brown Leopard Bootie - £863

1 comment:

  1. I like the bright blue with the leopard print. Nice contrast