Thursday, 8 August 2013

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Tirana Leather Mary Jane Pumps

Shoeniverse has a long standing love affair with mary jane heels. You can see a selection of them right here. It's probably one of my most consistently covered shoes, just because of their wearability and also it being such an iconic style. Whether it's a classic pointy toe number, an edgy fashion forward wedge, or a slingback twist on a classic, they always manage to fascinate me.

Tirana however might just be the pick of the bunch. I don't yet own a pair of full d'orsay mary jane heels, however this is clearly a hole in my shoe closet that needs to be addressed. These flattering little nude mary janes are simple and yet utterly perfect.

They also come in black...

Mix and match from the following for either colour.

Black Nico Halter-Neck Dress
Beige Mesh Flapper Dress
Multicolour Bambi Clutch Bag
Black Shoulder Bag

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