Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Silvery sandal goodness featuring GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Silver Crystal Embellished Metallic Sandals

I don't feel that I am overreacting when I saw these. Shakes? Check. Squeals? Oh yes. How fantastic are they? Just about the perfect silvery glittery evening shoe. And they are from my beloved - Giuseppe Zanotti. Perfection.

Let's take a closer look at the details because they really truly are rather special.

The anklet cuff chains feature sparkling jewels and I cannot get over how pretty they are. This also means that for n ankle strap that's not particularly dainty they also manage to remain light and flattering when worn.

I'd like to wear them to a really big red tie type affair with the following:

Black Sleeveless Ruched Jersey Gown

Silver Clutch Bag
Silver Twisted Bracelet

However you would choose to wear them, they are undoubtedly a beautiful and striking evening shoe that would turn heads.

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