Thursday, 27 June 2013

REED KRAKOFF Pink Leather Mesh And Feather Sandals

I am not sure that these sandals would actually be worn in the real world, but as a concept piece / artwork they are actually blooming amazing. I guess if you were Carrie Bradshaw you would get away with it, but that hinges heavily on the whole 'fictional character' premise. And even then she would probably have gotten some very odd looks along the way.

I do really like them though despite their total and utter complete impracticality. They are flirty and fun and I would definitely wear them. I would just need to figure out where. Red Carpet Ready footwear certainly, so maybe we might see something like this at the Oscars, but aside from that I don't think that these could ever be considered 'streetwear'.

If you do love them however you can buy them below!

Buy REED KRAKOFF Pink Leather Mesh And Feather Sandals

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