Friday, 24 May 2013

TFL - SERGIO ROSSI Blue Jewelled Strappy Sandals

The Friday Luxe this week comes in the form of these jewel encrusted silk sandals from Sergio Rossi. Available from Far Fetch and coming in at over £1200, they really are a true TFL pick. The vibrant colours and the t-strap make them extremely special in my opinion, and I love the blue gently fluted heel. If I had to pick any fault with them at all, I suppose that I'd have preferred for the t-strap to have also had the turquoise blue gemstones, but they are so special as they are that I would be utterly enchanted to meet them in person. I can imagine myself just staring down at my feet and smiling while i wave them about underneath the lights!

Let's take a look at some more pictures.

They are absolutely beautiful. Wear them with this for red carpet ready style.

Blue Ruffled Dual Layer Dress - £2025
Silver Raso Stones Box Clutch - £1382

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