Wednesday, 22 May 2013

LOEFFLER RANDALL Stella Bow Flats in Black and White

These are my favourite of the pointy flats so far, I think. They are not overdone and still manage to look petite and delicate. Also love the studded bow. They were just shy of £200 but are on sale ans can now be yours for £135 if you wish to add them to your shoe collection.

Where do you stand on pointed toe flats? Do you like them or do you prefer more conventionally styled ballerinas? I really can't make up my mind. I like the concept of them but for the most part I still think they are not a style I'd feel very comfortable actually wearing.

This bow is, however, doing a sterling job at trying to tempt me anyway!

Buy LOEFFLER RANDALL Black Stella Bow Flat

They also come in white too, which are really a little bit more Spring/Summer - and actually I think I might just prefer the white version:

Buy LOEFFLER RANDALL White Stella Bow Flats

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