Monday, 1 April 2013

Outfit Options Week - STELLA MCCARTNEY Stretch Cady Hourglass Dress in Blackfern - and the shoes we love with it

I am not usually a huge fan of Stella McCartney (as you all probably know by now) at least for footwear. It's not that I sometimes don't like her designs, but the cost for a pair of non leather shoes is just simply something I can't justify. I can have enough problems with real leather shoes, even the very softest ones, cutting into my feet and ankles, so in general synthetic shoes are a bit of a no-go area for me.

From time to time though with a piece of clothing her designs are so spot-on. The Cady bodycon dress is a prime example of this, and has won over me enough to be the first ever Shoeniverse post to feature a clothing item as the title! It's an amazing dress.

This is Shoeniverse however and whilst I love all aspects of fashion and style, the posts here are and always will be footwear-centric. So let's look at some options of what to wear with this gorgeous flattering hourglass beauty, to achieve different looks (and the bags to wear with them too)!

Green Peep Toe Pump
Green Rock Stud Tote
Beige Gamma Mesh Booties
Pink Willow Small Leather Tote
Black Platform Pump
Black Skull Embellished Studded Union Jack Box Clutch
Spike Embellished Wedge in Black Pewter
Spike Clutch in Pewter

How would you choose to wear this dress and how would you accessorise it?

I think we might just keep this going for the week and make this 'outfit opsions' week on Shoeniverse! One item and different ways to style it! Any excuse to feature even more shoes!

You can click on any of the items above to buy them - enjoy!

Buy STELLA MCCARTNEY Stretch Cady Hourglass Dress in Blackfern

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