Monday, 15 April 2013

Louboutin Week - CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Black 120mm Pivichic Patent Pumps

If you are loving the PVC trend but are not feeling quite confident enough for the Valentino Naked Rockstud or the Louboutin Icone a Clous, then Pivichic might be a great way to ease yourself into it. They feature stylish little flashes of PVC on the sides and vamp, but otherwise are a slick and very shiny patent black pump. Personally, I absolutely love them. The stripes make the PVC seem a lot less scary to wear and also stops them having even the faintest whiff of 'the stripper shoe'. They are elegant and refined, and would make a gorgeous addition to any shoe closet.

I think one of the best things about Pivichic is their versatility, and even though they are on trend for 2013, they certainly won't be out of style in coming seasons either - they are such a divine shape (check out that back view!) that they will always look amazing. I don't love black shoes, or PVC shoes, but these marry the two perfectly into something I would actually love to wear. Gorgeous.

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