Monday, 18 March 2013

VALENTINO Black Rockstud Studded Sandal

Shoeniverse has featured various iterations from the Valentino Rockstud range including the nude high heel pumps, three versions of the naked rockstud style, the amazing leather knee high boots, and we have even gone into colour with these beauties in green.

These sandals however are possibly my favourite of them all.

The heel on these sandals are beyond divine, and the only sadness surrounding them for me is that they do place them outside the realm of daywear. A real shame, as they are incredible shoes. I also adore the little nod to the naked styles with the PVC section on the strap. The inside has a little more PVC attaining a 'floating strap' effect - as seen below (plus more of that gorgeous heel!).

Beautiful shoes yet again from Valentino and the Rockstud range.

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