Friday, 15 March 2013

DOLCE & GABBANA Red Mid heel Buckle Pump

My love affair with Mary Jane heels is long standing and well documented via Shoeniverse. So it's only fair and correct that we bring some into our Spring style posts, and when I found these from Dolce é Gabbana I knew i had found the ones to feature this week. The rich crimson suede works well against a multitude of neutrals and floral prints, and they would get a lot of wear both for work and play.

They have a touch of the Irregular Choice about the shape of the heels. And now to style them...

Green V-Neck Cardigan
White Loma Tank Top
White Floral Short
Brown Dillen Ii Letter Carrier Crossbody Bag

Would you wear them? The bright emerald green stops the deep red from looking too autumnal.

Buy DOLCE & GABBANA Red Mid heel Buckle Pump

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