Thursday, 14 March 2013

CASADEI Blue Blade Heel Suede Ankle Boots

Spring time is getting warmer but there are often days when we get showers or it's just a little too cool for sandals and open shoes. This is where the versatility of ankle boots really come into their own. Plus they don't really get any more beautiful than these blade heel wonders from the ever-wonderful Casadei.

Surely these are the High Queen of all other ankle boots? Now to style them to make them work with something for every day... like this incredible Karen Millen dress!

Floral All Over Iris Print Dress
White Striped Over-The-Knee Wool Blend Socks

It will work with a light trench or cardigan too, plus you can wear without the socks if warm enough. Perfect.

Buy CASADEI Blue Blade Heel Suede Ankle Boots (£313 in the sale!)

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