Thursday, 28 February 2013

VALENTINO Green Rockstud Pump

Dearest readers of Shoeniverse, my darling Shoe Fairies, you will of course have no idea how much I have wrestled with these shoes! I love the colour, and in principle I love the shoes (cute studs, pointy toe) but the heel height is a little bit of an issue. However, after careful consideration I have decided to give them the Shoeniverse Seal of Approval - mid heel and all!

As mid heels go, this one is pretty sexy. I am still unsure I could wear them as I think you need to have really skinny calves to get away with mid heel shoes, but I do think they are an amazing looking pump that's extremely comfortable too.

So, what would I wear with these tricky little pointy toe pumps? I probably would avoid them for daytime but for an evening event where you might want to be on your feet then these would be perfect!

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