Friday, 22 February 2013

TFL - OSCAR DE LA RENTA Black Empire Bootie

I picked these boots for The Friday Luxe for two reasons. Yes they are luxurious and beautiful dream shoes of impeccable quality and style, but also because they could be very hard to style well. Seeing as this week's posts have all featured style ideas as well as the shoes themselves, they proved more of a challenge than some of the other posts throughout the week. the thick lace cutout vamp and gently fluted heel also makes these a style I would love to own but I know probably wouldn't necessarily work with much of my existing wardrobe.

So if someone gifted me these today, this is what I would add to the shopping basket to finish off the look:

Yellow Fitted Jacket
Black Striped A-Line Dress
Beige Twotone Leather Tote
Gold Double Foiled Citrine Earrings

It's a bold look but one that would work well if you have the confidence to pull it off!

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