Friday, 22 February 2013

FNBA - ASOS Black Asos America Leather Biker Boots

I picked these out as this week's FNBA from ASOS because if you haven't already become a biker boot convert (and really... why not?) then these little real leather beauties for just £55 might just be enough to change your mind.

For a real leather boot they are a great price but more than that they look even more expensive. Just remember biker boots look a little better when they have lived. The scuffs tell a story. Never ever polish your biker boots.

But by all means make them your go-to boots for any day that demands a little worn in comfort. they never look wrong.

I am going to style these two ways, this being my favourite way of wearing them, but feel free to let me know how you would like to wear yours!

Jeans and a skull vest vs sweet dress and long socks.

Grey Skull Print Vest
Blue Black Jewel Jegging
Black Bird and Butterfly Foil Dress
Yellow Narrow Ribbed Extra Long Socks

A truly versatile pair of boots you will find yourself wanting to wear with just about everything!

Buy ASOS Black Asos America Leather Biker Boots

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