Friday, 14 December 2012

FNBA - Peep toe platform pumps in salmon or blue by Forever 21



These colourful little peep toe pumps are from Forever 21 and come to you at the rather splendid price of just £24.75. So if you are looking for something for a specific night out, Christmas party or just to add a splash of colour to one of your LBD ensembles, then these could be just the ticket.



Naturally they are not genuine suede at this price, but I've had a good experience whenever I have purchased Forever 21's fashion styles in the past and find them to be one of the more comfortable bargain high street retailers.


Want to add a little colour to your festive season?


Double TFL - Prescilla in purple/pink and Dolly Orchid in teal by Charlotte Olympia


I just couldn't decide between these two, so I thought it might be an idea to just show you both as this week's The Friday Luxe.


The Prescilla pumps in purple/pink glitter are super showy, very much high end PPP's and generally show off so much of why I adore Charlotte Olympia shoes. When you take away the quirky embellishments what you are left with is a really beautifully designed stunning pair of pumps. Perfect party shoes.

But then I already featured the Dolly Orchid heels in lilac... then I saw them in teal... so i thought rather than have another post about the same style that it might just be better to bundle them together with Prescilla and have an extra value double post as this week's TFL.


I much prefer this colourway of the Dolly Orchid style. The pink flowers really look beautiful against the green.


So whether you love your pink and sparkly shoes or you prefer something a little more romantic, hopefully this week's TFL post has brightened up everyone's Friday lunchtime. Now time for a sneaky wine at the pub, and see you all back here at 5pm for the bargains!

Don't worry if you are on a tight budget but are desperate for a pair of brightly coloured platforms to look pretty in for the upcoming party season, Shoeniverse has just the thing for you with this week's FNBA - check back at 5!

Sorry nude western style court from Miss Selfridge


Easing you into the last day of the working week with a little bit of High Street Hero action courtesy of one of my favourite High Street stores for shoes - Miss Selfridge.


The slightly oddly named 'Sorry' pumps sport western cowboy style features and styling, all wrapped up in a gorgeous high heel platform pump. If you want to make a statement, even when wearing a nude pump, then these could well be just what you have been looking for.


The little studs and western embellishments really work - even though I would never have thought of adding these to a platform pump. Plus best of all they are from the High Street, and will set you back just £65 rather than the hundreds you might pay for some of the more quirky designer styles.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Simple tan wooden heeled high boots and Bayswater bag from Mulberry

A quick flash of brilliance to end your Thursday comes in the form of these classically gorgeous knee high boots in a rich tan leather from Mulberry.

When I think of Mulberry I normally picture bags and then forget that they also sell amazing boots - like these!


And if you are a very lucky girl why not pair them with a Bayswater?


A trio of gorgeous 140mm pumps by Casadei

Yes a trio of 140mm pumps from Casadei is the order for Thursday lunchtime. From top to bottom we have:

Glossy patent python print pumps in a bright lime green.
Satin and cork pumps in pinks with a yellow heel.
Leopard print satin pumps in a vibrant citrus mix.

Each one guaranteed to add height, lengthen the legs and add a bit of colour into a cold and dull Winter's day!


White leather geometric sandals by Heavy Machine

These are a bit of an oddity to me - they look a little bit more like an abstract piece of art rather than a shoe, and whilst I am not entirely convinced that I would wear them I am certainly interested in looking at them for a little bit. I mean, they are intriguing after all.

If they were an exhibit in a shoe museum somewhere, celebrating the weird and wonderful world of footwear design across the ages, I have no doubt at all in my mind that these would make me stop and look. As an actual wearable shoe however I am not so sure. They are attractive, in a funny kind of a way, and the colours are gorgeous together too. I just don't believe they really fir with my personal style even though I am usually quite open to quirky odd shoe designs.

They make for an interesting post nevertheless, and if you are in the market for a highly unusual pair of shoes which will get quite the reaction as you stride around town then these could be just what you are after.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

PPP - Suede pointy toe pink metal accent pumps from Gianvito Rossi

These are technically probably more of a day shoe, but they still qualify for Pretty Pink Party shoe status in my book - just look at the cute little heel tip and the toe cap too. The silver sings beautifully against the powdery baby pink - stunning!

They are of course beautifully finished and constructed, they are much more than just a pretty pink fashion shoe. Made from high quality goat leather they are soft and easy to wear. The pointy toe might be a little too long for me personally but i would certainly have to try them to see how they felt. I would certainly like to wear them.

Want to add a little baby pink into your shoe closet?


Suede and rhinestone bow heels from Valentino

Your lunchtime fix today comes from the master of elegance himself Valentino Garavani.

These gorgeous simple little black pumps feature a sweet bow and shaped front and are covered in gorgeous gold champagne coloured rhinestone crystals for an added little bit of sparkle.

They are at Yoox which mean that sixes are slightly limited, but at $440 if they do have your size they would be a worthy investment piece for an extremely pretty and wearable pair of evening pumps.


Heart and anchor detail t-bar heels by Moschino Cheap & Chic

Kicking off Wednesday with something a little bit more quirky, we have these stunning patent pumps from Moschino. In terms of height and platforms they are not extreme like many of the Charlotte Olympia or Giuseppe Zanotti styles that get featured on Shoeniverse, but they are definitely a statement and are well worth a look. Personally I love the look of these and would pair them with a cute red polks dot dress and black jacket for a meeting.

So cute - but still wearable too! Utterly adorable and definitely one for the slightly quirky girl, but without looking in the least bit ridiculous - and you could wear them with almost anything too.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lizzy grey suede and snakeskin leather t-bar heels by Roland Mouret

Meet Lizzy - the gorgeous heel from Roland Mouret. Now when I hear the name Mouret, I don't think of shoes, I think more of things like this:

Yep, gorgeous tailoring who heavily influenced one Victoria Beckham at the start of her fashion career - but as we can see there are also shoes at hand - so let's take another look. Also if you look in the far left picture you will see these very shoes in beige on the runway - gorgeous!

They are fiercely high fashion shoes, but also because of the thick demi cone heel and the concealed platform - they are *almost* a clog in fact - they should be fairly wearable too. I love the contrast of grey tones and the mixed finishes too. I would seriously love to own these shoes.


Realove sandals in many colours by Steve Madden

Firstly we have the hot pink (PPP!!!) which were the ones that meant that Realove made the cut for featured styles on Shoeniverse this week - buy them for just £49

They also come as a perfectly simple nude sandal - you can buy them now for £52

But wait - yet another of my favourite shoe finishes - as well as the patent versions above they also come in this stunning woven silver metallic - really bringing some serious sparkle to the minimalist high sandal - buy them now for £52.

For the classics amongst you, there are also three black versions.

A glorious mix of a suede style black with a pale gold metallic front strap - buy these for £49.

Slick black patent partywear - also just £49.

Lastly they also come in a full black suede type finish - no metallic front strap - and you can buy these for £49 also.

It's hard to fault these as party shoes for anyone. With a range of finishes and colours there is something for everyone, and I love the different options in the blacks as well.

They are all available via my Lyst - either click through for the various options or view all versions of Realove here.

Tri colour crystal embellished slingbacks by Giuseppe Zanotti

The pretty pink slingbacks - once again heavily nodding to my favourite Sharon style - feature a mixture of colour crystals across the pink upper, heel and platform.

We have champagne crystals on the pink upper, blue crystals over the platform, and black crystals over the heel. They are exclusively evening shoes and definitely not for work, but for some, could well be the ultimate party shoe.

They even look great with pants too!


Monday, 10 December 2012

Hologram pointed toe pumps by Gianvito Rossi

Finishing off a bright and sparkly Monday with these gorgeous silver/white hologram finish heels from Gianvito Rossi.

They look pretty in the product shots, but because of the reflective nature of the upper and being on a white background they do look a little bit washed out compared to how they should really photograph, so I am also adding the shot below which hopefully will enable you to see just how pretty they are in a more 'real world' setting.

So very gorgeous, and I chose these specifically for the ladies out there who prefer a mid heel shoe. I do have a tendency to feature super high heels, but it's good to switch things up and shoe how beautiful silver looks in a new finish and heel height.


Silver Swarovski embellished leather sandals by Rene Caovilla

If you are a fan of either Dancing with the Stars or Strictly Come Dancing, or even just if you adore silver shoes, then these pretty twinkling sparkly sandals are for you. Simple and classic, elegant and wearable, but with enough bling to pack a serious fashionista punch and leave other shoes well and truly on the sidelines.

My favourite thing about them oddly enough is the sole - such a fabulous touch to have these sporting a silver glitter sole to properly match the uppers. Fantastic attention to detail.

Supremely dainty and beautifully crafted. A stunning example of how to do sparkly partywear without a hint of tackiness. Superb.


Lance strappy sandals by Jimmy Choo in silver and blue

I met Lance this weekend (sadly not in person and just over the Net) and I was torn. My love of silver shoes made me gravitate immediately towards the metallic version (naturally) but the blue is so vibrant and fresh that I really fell for them also. Hence why this post is a single style but I just couldn't choose which solour to feature, so I thought I had better just show you them both!

It's always interesting to consider the same style in not only two different colours but also different finishes to the uppers too. Between the blue/silver and patent/metallic switch it's really hard to pinpoint which looks better. This also makes the shoes look really different depending on which version you were to buy.