Friday, 7 December 2012

FNBA - Malibudaze slingback sandal from Nine West

These shoes started off life with a price tag of £105 over on the Kurt Geiger website. You can currently purchase them on the self same website for the nominal sum of £19.

That ladies, is what the Friday Night Bargain Alert is all about - not cheap shoes, but truly great shoes at giveaway prices!

These are great for work or any event that involves you being on your feet for much of the day but you still want to look great.

Fantastic price - see you all next week and happy bargain hunting!


TFL - Boulimina Lady 120mm metallic peep toe sandals by Christian Louboutin

I adore this week's The Friday Luxe - not only for being sparkly metallic (and therefore kind of Christmas themed) but also for being practically perfect in every way, without even a hint of Mary Poppins.

Of course when we are talking these kind of Louboutin heels they are an indulgence, but really look at them! Arn't they just beautiful?

The signature red sole, as always, send shivers down my spine. The little decadent splash of red always makes Loubies that little bit 'more' than the rest. Plus against the metallic upper and the metal pin heel they look even better.

Seriously who could resist them? Louboutin at his finest - perfection!


Multi coloured ponyskin and suede 150mm sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti

These are really REALLY high and in a mix of colours and finishes that may ward off the weak. But I urge you to be brave and embrace the madness here, for once you get past the initial shock, they really are a work of art.

The red strap and the monochrome ponyskin front sing so very well together - and more than that they refuse to be ignored, demanding attention at all points. You might expect of course this style to sport a black or even a red heel, but no ladies. These are after all from Giuseppe Zanotti...

BAM! The structured sculpted metal heel as seen in other (more safe styles to be fair) from GZ makes an appearance and steals the show. I adore the round curve that cradles the entire heel - a thing of beauty.

The look when worn loses none of its impact either and actually is incredibly flattering due to the towering height of the heel. Flawless. Bonkers, also, but flawless nonetheless.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sharon by Giuseppe Zanotti (yes AGAIN!) now in lime green

I may have already said everything there is to say about the gorgeous Sharon style by il maestro Giuseppe Zanotti.

They are, in so many ways, my dream shoes.

They don't have a bad side, a bad feature, and in this gorgeous acidic lime green they are refreshingly different yet again.


Chaos green patent sandals by Manolo Blahnik

OK so on a cold winter's day it's not my most practical shoe recommendation to bring you a minimal Blahnik green patent ankle strap sandal. No, it's totally true and I will hold my hands up to that! However, these little green wonders of the modern world are so pretty and cheerful that perhaps we can remove our minds this lunchtime from the snow shovels and the furry mittens to remind ourselves that temperatures will improve! Summer will bloom after spring and just think how wonderful these strappy sandals will look with a simple shift on holiday.

If you have a winter break coming up then these would also be perfect for it. Equally suitable for a multi coloured print sundress or a LBD for the evening bar, these versatile little shoes could take some of the hassle out of packing all your shoes for the holidays. Of course I am not suggesting just a single pair of heels for a holiday (or anywhere NEAR that in fact!) but you could definitely wear them a few times over the course of a break and dress them up in different ways.

Simple, understated and elegantly classic. Make them yours if you can, you lucky thing.


Cachet red patent platform pumps by Sergio Rossi

There was an audible 'Ooooh!' at my monitor when I first made eye contact with these delightfully sexy and sassy red patent pumps from Sergio Rossi.

I don't find peep toe styles often all that comfortable unless they are more like these - little 'keyhole' style ones as opposed to something that can either cut off the circulation or even worse rub into blisters. I love my killer heels but I don't wish to kill my feet as part of the process. I also love the fact that these feature a teardrop peep, like the Giuseppe Zanotti Sharon style, but utilised in a completely different way.

Of course they are amazing from all angles. I don't need to do this of course, but in case you needed any further convincing then this is how they look on...

We can pretend that the model wasn't clearly wearing a size too small for the shot (ahem!) and see that they do indeed flatter the leg as we knew they would.

A modern twist on the classic red pump - magnifiqué!


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sherpa trim faux suede boots from Old Navy

These boots are a bit of a bargain, discounted to just $25 which works out at around £16 in proper money! Of course they are not real suede but from the consumer reviews they are warm and comfortable, so you can't go far wrong at this bargain price!

I also think for a bargain boot they look pretty good... plus they also come in brown if the tan isn't really your thing.

BUY THEM NOW VIA MY LYST - Tan here OR Brown here

Garavani open toe courts with huge triple bow from Valentino

These are my favourite Valentino courts since the Couture heels. That says a lot about how wonderful I think these shoes are as I have been obsessed by the Couture styles for a long long time.

These might be even better though. The triple loop bow is even more pronounced, the satin upper has a brilliant gleam, and the curves are in all the right places, perfectly sculpted and meticulously balanced. They are, in effect very almost the perfect shoe.

I love the little peek of concealed platform and the hugely exaggerated profile of the bow - who could fail to fall in love with these shoes?


Animal snake embossed holographic sandals by Stella McCartney

Well these beauties would bring a little life to anyone's cold Wednesday morning! These beautiful (faux) leather sandals with their rich gold metallic accents and high shine holographic upper are just the ticket to bring a smile to my face.

The style is darling, and the only slight misgiving i have with Stella McCartney's shoes is her use of non-leather. I am fully presuming that this is due to the ethical beliefs she was raised with by her late mother Linda who did so much work for vegetarianism and animal welfare and rights. But from a consumer point of view I do find it difficult to hand over hundreds of pounds for a pair of shoes that are not leather.

What do you think? Do you think this is important? Do you believe that the price point of Stella McCartney shoes shoes should be less than other designer shoes that use real leather?

Either way these are gorgeous and available via my Lyst if you want to sparkle and shine this Christmas!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Galaxy spiked pumps in silver by Carvela Kurt Geiger

Now the choice of these will come as no great surprise to many of you who read Shoeniverse regularly. Ooh look there's a pump - in silver (gasp!). But seeing as the last post was featuring a very expensive and for many of us unattainable heel, I thought i would finish off the day with something a little more affordable.

I met these shoes in John Lewis a few weeks ago when I was scouting for shoes who look better in person and who I might not otherwise feature, and Galaxy is one of those shoes.

The pictures make the glitter feel a little washed out but if you like the style then I would urge you to go find these in person and see what I mean. They are a stunning Cinderella-like pump that is really (like, really) beautiful in real life. The pictures do not in any way show how amazing they are. Upon meeting them I forgot the other shoes I had planned to go and see and immediately cradled it in my hands and held them up the lone beauty whilst saying 'This one'.

Best of all they are now on sale too - and can be yours for £85 but be fast ( I promise you won't be disappointed).


Alti platforms spiked pump in black by Christian Louboutin

This post isn't any kind of attempt to stir up controversy or to pin myself as 'anti-Pigalle'. This is however a very self indulgent post on my part. Whilst I love and adore the much famed Pigalle pumps, I do prefer a shoe with a little more height and a toe line that I am slightly less likely to stub and/or trip over. So for me, I prefer the Alti style. So these shoes are very much ones that I would get a lot of wear from.

It does of course help that they are also super pretty, and I am imagining that I am far from the only girl in the Shoeniverse who covets these heels. I know that not every heel has to have a platform. I have embraced all kinds of toe shapes after being a confirmed round-toe diva for many a year. But for me these are just better in accompaniment my personal style and I would feel better in them.

You can grab them via my Lyst picks fulfilled by Net-A-Porter for just shy of £900 putting them out of my price bracket sadly, but we can all enjoy them nonetheless for the little works of art that they are. Beautiful.


Colzippe open toe ankle boots in peacock blue by Christian Louboutin

These gorgeous peacock blue ankle boots are my latest love from Chrsitian Louboutin. For all the reasons cited in earlier posts about peep toe boots they are going to largely of course be utterly impractical. I do realise this, I promise. However this is one of those occasions when one should throw caution to the wind and just hope that it doesn't rain because these gorgeous teal blue beauties are hot hot hot!

As you can see above they look just as wonderful on as you hoped they might. I really think that they would look wonderful with a hint of a bright red or a metallic gold pedicure peeping out as well.

I love the signature red sole of course, but my favoutite thing about these is probably the little gold covered open toe platform. Such a cute touch and it really brings the zip together for me.

The zip pull, in case you were wondering, is finished off beautifully and resides at the top of the heel. This is decorative only of course but as ever with Louboutins, the attention to detail is second to none - these are very special little ankle boots indeed.


Monday, 3 December 2012

Ivory heart courts with open toe by Dolce & Gabbana

Regular readers of Shoeniverse will of course know of my struggles to accept leopard print in shoes, and actually this does also extend to clothing too for the most part. It can look wrong, cheap tacky, etc all of which I have covered in previous posts. But I also realise that leopard print can be extremely popular and so I try to embrace it where I can and where it's been done with elegance. Dolce e Gabbana here show us a better use of leopard print than possibly any I have ever seen before. These shoes are nothing short of genius.

See they really are cute. They might even work for bridal shoes if the bride to be is animal print mad! Just a hint with various other textures and pony skin - and I do genuinely really like them.

Want to add a (thankfully very small) touch of leopard into your shoe closet today? Would you wear them? More importantly how would you style them? I would love to see!


Bonnie platform knee high boots by Charlotte Olympia

Featuring the signature Charlotte Olympia golden contrast platform, these stunning boots are to-die-for.I struggle to see how anyone could fail to be moved by the extreme curves and sexy swagger of these knee high beauties. I really should have featured them before, but better late than never!

The back view kills me. The zip! And look at the slimness and line of the heel... just wow. I can imagine a few of you out there perhaps would not dare to wear them, but even if they are not your own personal style, you can surely enjoy the design as a work of art.

Unfortunately at a little over the £1000 mark these are not destined to be in my shoe collection anytime soon.  But if you are lucky enough to be able to add them to your shoe closet then I salute you - you lucky LUCKY girl.


Bow front leather pumps in yellow by Bottega Veneta

If you are a follower of Shoeniverse on Facebook then you may have seen these posted as one of my social 'brighten up your Saturday morning' posts which featured several brightly coloured shoes to combat what was a very grey and foggy morning. Ironically enough the day turned out rather bright and sunny after the initial fog had been burned off, so these were actually an inspired choice.

They are, of course, all about the bow. This is such a sweet embellishment in any colour but for some reason in this rich buttery lemon yellow they look even better. These shoes are incredibly sweet and elegant.

The rear view doesn't disappoint either, with a deep inward curve of the heel reminiscent of a Badgeley Mischka heel. These would make perfect bridesmaid shoes for a spring or summer wedding. One of my favourite things about them is the lemon leather sole too - just divine!