Friday, 30 November 2012

FNBA - Lovely silver high shine cross strap ballet pumps from ASOS

This week's Friday Night Bargain Alert comes in the form of these dainty cross strap open side ballet pumps in a gorgeous metallic silver finish. Surprisingly at their full retail price they will still leave you with change from £30 and look a lot more expensive than their price tag would reveal.

On a cold (but dry!) winter day with black thick opaque tights and a short dress or skirt these would make a welcome break in the office from the normal sombre tones of winter.


TFL - Gisele brocade floral high heels by Dolce & Gabbana

These pretty platform pumps are so perfectly feminine and floral, that they well deserve a place as one of the weekly The Friday Luxe pieces. Designer quality and style and sadly a price to match.

They look very vintage, like some miraculous piece that has been stored away and found perfectly preserved and just waiting to be worn.

If you would like to buy them they cost just under £550, unfortunately as we know style doesn't come cheap. They are however a beautiful style to behold, and as we all love a window shopping session every now and then, these are just a window we can view any time we like.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to make them yours then I am truly envious, and I am sure they will add something a little different to your collection.


Beige suede bow front ankle boots by Reiss

These sweet little cigarette heeled boots from Reiss are the perfect way to cheer up another dull wintry day. The snack heel is a beautiful touch against the soft smooth suede, but really these sweet boots are all about THAT bow.

Super sweet and understated, but for those of us that love our decorative ballet flats and pumps with bow features but just can't stand the cold, these are the perfect antidote to dull boring winter ankle boots.


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ivory white crystal coated satin bridal platform heels from Valentino

There wasn't a Wedding Wednesday post this week, but I did stumble across these when browsing for shoes (yes, it's a hard life!) and though they were deserving of a mention for any bride looking to make her shoes a real feature of her outfit on the special day.

They are true princesses, standing tall and sparkling with pride and the sort of gleam that lesser shoes cannot muster. If you have the budget then I would highly recommend and indeed urge you to buy these shoes for your wedding day. They are my favourite of any wedding and bridal styles shown so far on Shoeniverse - and I only feature wedding styles that I feel have that special mix of beauty and wearability. These heels are undeniably special on top of that.

Incomparably beautiful and the workmanship is sublime. I envy any bride who has these for her big day!


Harlie Li snake and metallic suede pumps from L.A.M.B.

These are probably my pick of the week's styles so far - and they come from L.A.M.B which for me are a bit hit and miss, hence the fact they haven't been covered on Shoeniverse before (sorry Ms Stefani!). The Harlie Li heels however with their futuristic splash of silver metallic and their sharp asymmetric curves definitely grabbed my attention. Loving the inset platform too - they are just stunning!

They are near impossible to fault. I love the embossed suede, the flattering slim heel and the contrast of finishes.


Black and silver glitter peep toe heels by Jimmy Choo

If I were to be super-picky and hypercritical, I would have to state that these heels are not perfect from my viewpoint, purely because of the lack of a covered heel, If not glittered, then a metallic heel would also have been nice, but seeing as the rest of the style is so very perfect, then I have decided I can love them just as they are - and because of the mixed tone glitter, the black heel isn't strictly speaking out of place either.

The heels are luckily high shine almost mirror finish which does make me feel a lot better about them and indeed might be more to some people's taste too, and the super fine and slim line of the heel really is incredibly beautiful.

From the side, they cut an impressive silhouette, the black mix in the glitter stopping any hint of brassiness and promoting fluid sleek lines everywhere you look. I love the glitter covered platform too, and the heel looks just as impressive from the side as it does from the back.

They look beautiful on and would turn even the plainest most budget LBD into an instant party outfit.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

PPP - Lenora slingback pump in rasberry pink by Kate Spade

Bursting onto the scene with their fruity rasberry pink smooth suede upper and multicoloured gem metallic embellishment, these cute slingback heels from Kate Spade are something of a triumph. The style would hold it's own as a classic even if totally plain, but with that eye catching shoe-jewellery at the front, they are easily elevated to true covetable PPP status (Pretty Pink Party shoes indeed!).

But they are not all about the decorative embellishment - these legitimately are beautifully designed and look just as stunning when viewed from behind. To give a smooth blank canvas to the front, they feature no frills - including a smooth concealed platform and a smooth and elegant flattering heel. Simple and understated, yet everything about them is completely as it should be.

Would you love to look down at your feet at your Christmas party and see these beauties smiling back at you? They would surely take a place in any shoe lovers collection?


Campy patent nude mary jane heels by Manolo Blahnik

Last week I featured Carrie's urban shoe myth in the form of the Manolo Blahnik Campari Mary Janes which feature a metal toe cap, but in case you would rather your mary janes were of the plain variety, I thought i should introduce you to Campy. A nude and much more understated version of the same style.

I love the super slim heel and the high shine finish. They truly are a classic heel.

I'd be interested to see how you would style these too - so if you have Polyvore and fancy adding them to a set then do post a comment and let me know so i can take a look - these are incredibly versatile heels and I'd love to see what you would pair them with. Come and follow me on Polyvore.


Alkerden leather and canvas brogue heels by Burberry

Oh how I love these shoes! They sport all of the usual perforations and wingtip details of a conventional brogue, but in an elegant mixed media pointed toe pump. They are sleek and ready to go to work. I just love the contrast between the rough canvas and the patent leather. Genius!

What perfect placement of the little Burberry plats at the top of the heel too - and what a heel! Ultra slim and sexy in a matt black finish.

The real charm of these shoes however is all in the detail...

If you love your classics, if you embrace your British country tweeds and pencil skirts then you are going to love these shoes, now available at the shoe shop.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bordeaux fabric platform bow pump by Fendi

These platform bow pumps are such a rich bordeaux red that I just had to give them a closer look. They sport a fabric upper which is actually covered in tiny black velvet dots. This gives them an animal print look, and a beautifully tactile finish.

They do remind me of Miss KG's Minnie 2 - albeit with a peep toe, and they overall look and weight of the platform is very similar. I love those shoes (red with the black and white polka dot bow) and these would sit beautifully on my shoe shelves next to them!


PPP - Crystal embellished suede pumps by Moschino Cheap and Chic

It's the first PPP alert of the week, and these Pretty Pink Party heels come from Moschino. Unlike many of the former PPP styles, these are not hot pink, but come in a beautifully understated blush pink suede. Which only goes to make the audacious large crystals scattered all over them even more appealing. In my mind I want to call them Princess Slippers.

They are just so delightfully pretty! The lines are delicate and dainty, and they are subtle enough to work as a nude shoe for the more fair skinned ladies out there too. Then really the sweet studs and light reflective crystals will do the talking for you.


Malika perforated metallic sandals by Jimmy Choo

Metallic heel time again - and these are completely fabulous on every level. The tiny slim heel is anything but practical (of course) but I adore the mix of metal finishes and the line of these is incredible. Look at the reflection of the heels too!

Naturally these are not your everyday pair if heels, and you would probably get some funny looks should you take them into the office for the day. But if you are after something eye catching for a special night out and want your shoes to be the centrepiece of your outfit, then Jimmy Choo has definitely got you covered with these beautiful sandals.

The back zip of course makes perfect sense to get in and out of them, whilst even the sole itself has been given a silver finish. I think they are ready for their close up...

Gorgeous ultra feminine Choo at his finest - perfect party shoes!


Monday, 26 November 2012

Stella multi strap sandal in nude by Alexander Wang

I found these at the weekend whilst adding them to the shoe shop, and felt that they really did need to be featured on the blog in their own right as well. I do think they epitomise how to do a nude sandal right, a feat that so many of the high street stores and cheaper retailers so often can get wrong.

Firstly the finish - they are not cheap hard plastic, and even if they had been a cheaper material, the need to try and make so many nude heels 'patent' finish often disappoints me. I like the odd bargain like everyone, but having been bitten more than once with cheap shoes which are so brittle they literally sand the skin away from my heels, the need to have a softer upper is a must. It needn't even be real leather. But you must be able to wear them or else they are pointless.

Secondly would be they often forget that we are not all strippers. Sometimes the cheaper end of the market loses the ability to know when to stop. If the shoes venture into the land of the ridiculous - and not in a good way - then we know that they should reign it in a little. These heels manage to look expensive, classy and wearable, with a lot of extra height too. Sometimes this is a hit and miss exercise for the high street and I've seen many a street fashion victim tottering around as if she is about to start using one of the precinct lamp posts as a pole to dance around. Not a good look ladies. Reign it in a bit.

Thirdly of course would be the heel. Too thin in an ultra high shoe can be difficult to balance in whilst too chunky (especially when patent plastic) can look incredibly cheap and also dated. These heels have a beautiful sculpt to the heels as you can see. Vital to making any shoe flattering to the legs.

This is what makes these heels so much better than so many other nude heels out there. Team these and a simple short LBD and you would be dressed to go just about anywhere.

BUY THEM NOW *now reduced from £455 to £182

Malika spike toe flats by Giuseppe Zanotti

Your lunchbreak treat today comes in the form of an unusually wearable and understated ballet flat from Giuseppe Zanotti. Malika is made in a soft dove grey suede, and features a black metallic spiked toe. Even this however is subtle and understated (we are not talking Christian Louboutin Asteroids here!) and these would look very chic for a work shoe.

They are so simple and understated, and prove without a doubt how talented and diverse Zanotti and his designs really are. The toe cap is sweet and beautifully conceptualised, but is also sweet and edgy. I love his towering heels and sculpted wedges - yes ALL of them - but these simple flats also have a huge place in my heart, and I don't often look at a pair of flat shoes for anything other than being practical.  GZ manages to take the humble ballet flat and turn it into something to be celebrated.


Silver liquid metal peep toe by Prada

These amazing silver metallic peep toes come from Prada, and would finish off any Christmas party outfit with sheer perfection. I adore silver shoes of course, so my bias is clear for all to see, but with their crisp lines and killer curves, they are sure to be a celebrity favourite.

They do cut an amazing figure, and are certainly more wearable than the Giuseppe Zanotti Sharon pump as the platform is a lot less extreme. I also love the smooth upward curve towards the toe.

Prada are true purveyors of classic designer, and these shoes would serve well as a go-to party or occasion shoe. They would also make a delightfully different bridal or bridesmaid shoe, and even just as a 'I must have them because they are amazing' shoe too!