Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Night Sale Alert - Sections black leather sandal at Office - JUST £10

Finishing up the week with a total and undeniable bargain from Office. The sizes are limited, but these genuine leather heels are in the sale at just £10. Amazing value (and I wish they still had them in a size 6).

BUY THEM NOW (but be quick) - and have a great weekend!

TFL - Flo patent leather slingback pumps by Christian Louboutin

Sorry but I just had to. After last week's Asteroid pumps of course were sold out in the TFL, I wanted to show you some Loubis that are very much available in the Shoe Shop if you are fortunate enough to be in the market for a pair.

So this week's The Friday Luxe is featuring Flo, a simple black high shine slingback with a killer heel and a generous flash of red at the peep toe. Plus of course the beautiful rich red leather sole we all know and love, and a line that couldn't fail to flatter any leg.


Why not add them to your Christmas wish list if you have been a very VERY good girl?


Campari toe cap mary jane pumps by Manolo Blahnik

Remember in Sex and the City, when a certain Miss Carrie Bradshaw found the 'urban shoe myth' that was the Mary Jane heels by Malolo Blahnik?

Ladies, years on from then we are still fawning over the Manolo and his fantastic creations - no less than the beautiful metallic toe cap mary jane pumps.

There is something classic and rather oddly almost romantic about the marriage of navy blue patent and silver metal. The heel is also sleek and slim, the overall look a classic, and the elegance of the finished product undeniable.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Exclusive ankle strap d'orsay sandal in jade green by Pierre Hardy

Well now, these pretty little sandals are something of a revelation. I do love suede shoes, however impractical that often turns out to be, and these little concealed platform beauties are just the sort of shoes that I would love to add to my collection.

The upper suede is so clean and striking that they almost made me hit the 'BUY THEM NOW' link straight away - such a fresh colour with a smooth rounded finish.

For those of you who love Bette Paige and retro 40's and 50's style dressing, I am sure I need do no more to sell these shoes other than to post these pictures and the shoes really do the rest for themselves.

I'd love to see what you would wear them with too - how would you style them? Cropped pants? Flared skirt? Floral tea dress?


Creve Coeur patent heels by Christian Louboutin

These beautiful heels will hug your feet with perfection. Since childhood I have been mildly obsessed with patent heels, and these are so different than many out there at the moment that I thought they were in need of some Shoeniversal recognition.

Loving the simplicity of the lines, the lack of platform, and the more classic line of the heel. It's a little surprising that these didn't come with a pin heel more like Lipsinka but I love that these were given such a timeless feel. They could almost be vintage straight out of the box. Not because of clichéd gimmicky features, but because of their timeless simplicity.

They are slightly shoe-boot like in their style from certain angles, but it's the straight across peep toe straight out of the 1970's that really does it for me.

Plus they are so very shiny...


Glitter finish lace up ribbon shoes by Red Valentino

Let's just break these down firstly and then take a closer look, because yes they are flat and they are lace up - but these shoes are also all kinds of awesome. Full glitter finish including the heels. Rose pink patent piping. Wide ribbon style laces. These shoes are no ordinary flats.

Yes they are a little bit too close to tap shoes for some of you. For others of course this can be a plus. They are reminiscent of those worn of course by Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and perhaps that sways my fondness for them.

More than anything else however they are fun. Without wishing in any way to touch on social rhetoric, sometimes we all just need to embrace something that's pretty and utterly superfluous to necessity. These shoes do that in spades. Love them. Plus they would be fantastic for dancing and you could keep going all night without killing your feet. Amazing.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sharon by Giuseppe Zanotti (again) - NOW IN HOT PINK!

Regular readers will of course recognise Sharon as a bit of a favourite on Shoeniverse. We have seen her in gorgeous liquid metallic, a slingback version, the budget version from Office, plus the ankle boot and green suede versions just last week. So now of course, just to taunt us all, GZ has seen fit to offer Sharon in hot pink suede.

This kills me. I love these shoes, each and every version just keeps getting better. But hot pink Giuseppe? Really? Did you have to?

Stunning as always, and sure to become a bit of a classic (if not yet there already) these pumps just continue to grow in stature and beauty.


Loubi Bike pull on heeled biker boots by Christian Louboutin

Now as we have firmly established, I love biker boots. Any colour or variation is always good, but especially when they involve heels. When we are talking heeled Louboutin biker boots then they are even better.

I adore the double buckle straps, a perfect set of twins if ever there was one. Of course, being Louboutins, you also get the signature red leather sole and utterly impeccable attention to detail and workmanship. These have to be the ultimate fashionista biker boots. Probably not made for walking as such, but damn pretty when you stop to lunch.

Let's look at them on, with a pretty flirty skirt or dress is one of the best ways of wearing biker boots. Of course you probably want to add in some thick tights at the moment, but the look is still the same.

Outstandingly pretty, and I love the way the leg slouches when worn. They might just have to pip every other biker boot in the history of shoe-kind to the title of the Ultimate Biker Boot.


Wedding Wednesday - Gold sparkly bridal shoes, Playy by Steve Madden

We have met the Playy style before but then it was the bright vibrant colours. As soon as I saw them in gold satin, and on sale, it was time to feature them again as a fantastic bridal choice.

The simple champagne gold upper is perfect with a white or ivory gown, while the sparkly heels set them apart from a plain pump. Plus these can be worn for nights out after the wedding as a nude pump with attitude. Perfect if you are uncomfortable with the notion of wearing white shoes too!

These are in the shoe shop right now for just £56 - but be quick!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

140mm swarovski and studs calfskin pumps by Casadei

Whilst I do not in general adore black shoes, these amazing pumps from Casadei would look incredible in any colour. he addition of studs and swarovski crystals all over the heels of course simply brings them to another level.

We really must take a proper close up look at that heel before saying anything further...

They are incredibly pretty - much like a greatly adorned piece of weaponry. They do look a little bit dangerous - very edgy and impossible to ignore.

The extra height from the fairly high concealed platform does a wonderful job of flattering the leg and lengthening them as well.

Such a stunning pair of party heels. They can be yours for £925 if you would like to buy them.


Eyelet lace stiletto with leather bow at heel by N°21

Love these stunning heels by N°21. The quilted pink leather inner perfectly compliments the richness of the trim and lace. These shoes have a very Chanel like feel to them for me, and the beautiful detailing in the d'orsay style and the sweet leather bow really does make them very special.

I adore the contrast of the different lace patterns and the pink heel. The rich black shiny toe cap also sits perfectly alongside everything else. They are a very grown up and vampy heel, which is in strict contrast to the sweet baby pink bow. What an incredible shoe.

If you didn't fall in love with at first sight, then surely the back view changes your mind? The perfect mix of sweet innocence and deep dark decadence.

They can be yours today for £775 - not cheap but these shoes will never ever go out of style, or be anything other than ridiculously sexy.


Brown almond toe high heeled knee boots by L'autre Chose

Time for some boots I think, and these gorgeous soft chocolate brown heels caught my eye immediately when browsing for styles to feature this week. They are almost oddly quaint in the style of the foot itself and the curve of the heel would pair well with a Victorian boot with perhaps a gilly lace, but these knee high beauties are plan and sleek as they can be. Loving the subtle concealed platform and they have a fabulously slim silhouette.

They can be yours for £445 - making them a little bit of an investment, but one that will never go out of style.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Dolly suede platform pumps with pink flowers by Charlotte Olympia

If you are a regular fan of Shoeniverse you will know of my utter fascination with the wondrous Charlotte Olympia. Her shoes appeal the my quirky side, and undoubtedly even for the more conservative of shoe connoisseur, her designs provide a welcome change from the norm. Yes you might not like to wear all of them, but they certainly demand your attention. I actually think however that this version of Dolly (as opposed to the ones with the detachable ankle ruff) are extremely wearable.

The colour of the upper is of course a matter of personal taste, and whilst I adore all things extremely girlie, I can appreciate that perhaps a pastel lilac and baby pink combination won't appeal to everyone. But they have a real charm to them, and the more I look at them the more I really do start to covet them.

The detail in the sweet crepe floral embellishment is of course stealing most of the attention.

So sweet and I love the fact that you can move them around and arrange them at will, or of course wear the pump without them as well should you wish.

BUY THEM NOW for £625

Washed suede pumps in rust by Gianvito Rossi

Oh how I love red heels that have just a little bit of an edge to them. True scarlet heels can look terribly tacky and be hard to wear, but when you venture down the worlds of burgundy and more russet tones then you normally wind up with a much more wearable look. This is certainly true of these stunning pointed toe heels from Gianvito Rossi. Let's take a look at the side view shall we?

You see, these heels are stunning in any colour. I can't imagine a finish ruining the line of them either - they would work as spiked, studded, glitter, metallic or patent pumps just as well which is testament to a beautifully conceived design. The super slim stiletto keeps them looking refined and light on the foot too - a must when choosing a darker colour.

The don't have a bad angle, and the deep red is very on trend for the season too - but warmer and more accessible than the truer burgundy and maroon shades. Pair them with tight black jeans and a fur jacket and they will steal the show.

You can get them today on the Shoe Shop where they will cost you £566.


Glitter encrusted toecap pump by Reiss

Starting off another week on Shoeniverse with a gorgeous juicy watermelon/coral pump with a stunning silver glitter toecap. These are definitely the sort of shoes that you can wear to a meeting to brighten up a suit and then happily take with you for drinks after work. The thicker heel should ensure that they are perfectly wearable for the day as well.

I think we should take a closer look at that lovely glitter toe cap - seeing as it's the party piece of these shoes.

Just gorgeous. The overall look of the heels are simple and understated, even though they combine a vibrant colour and a contrast glitter toe. Simply stunning.

If you'd like to update your working wardrobe with some fruit inspired zest, then head over to the Shoeniverse Shoe Shop where they can be yours for £149.